Wednesday, March 12, 2008

on quilting & blogging

On blogging:
Thanks so much Morah. Ditto. I would like to pass this on to all 175 of you bloggers in my bloglines. Even those of you who rarely if ever blog anymore... & this if for all of you who read my humble little blog. :o) & to the commentors - you can have 2! (Aren't those birds great - I love the way this looks like an old calling card. Oh, & I am kind of into birds - the graphic stylized ones more than that the realistic ones... Don't tell the cats.)

On quilting:
Following a pattern to the letter is such an interesting concept.
As with most other things it has its pros & cons (you can feel free to shuffle the columns).
Pro - all of the fabrics are chosen
Pro - out of your box color/fabric combinations
Pro - the block placement has been "proofed" (I hope that this sat on a design wall for a while)
Con - I like my randomness more
i.e. when I am sewing my blocks into units of 2 - I look at the 3 fabrics in this case & make sure that there are no duplicates in that pairing, I do the same thing when sewing pairs to pairs - only now I am looking at 6 fabrics, not so hard, right? It was very hard for me to sew against that plan...
Con - it takes a lot longer to piece whe you are looking for specific blocks 7 then specific block pairings, etc.
Con - I would have preferred fewer cabbage roses & more geramiums (I would have switched the big cabbage rose print for geraiums in the center.)
Con - I am not being 100% true to the pattern; therefore, I feel guilty
(I did not pay attention to the fact that all of Kaffes flowers are standing upright - mine are all over - like I do.)
Pro/con - I got to choose my own back!

At any rate, I have all of my rows pieced together!


Goneaussiequilter said...

I think following a pattern to the letter is interesting sometimes. It's like stepping into someone else's shoes and going through the process they went through to make the quilt. Mostly, I want to always change things around because I see things "my" way. But, building someone else's quilt is like being schooled in new ways. I think Kaffe would be an excellent one to copy to be able to get into his vision.

Shelina said...

Congrats on your award. I think following a pattern would be easier if there were fewer fabrics. When there is a bunch, I have a hard time following the pattern to a T as well, I don't like having to be so careful at placing every fabric just so.

Whether or not it sat on someone's design wall for a long time, you can see the end result and decide that you like it. But don't feel guilty about changing the pattern. Personal preferences - the designer was probably debating whether to change it as well!

Granny Fran said...

I am owned by two beautiful Lynx Point Siamesers and I am a bird watcher. That's ok because the cats like to bird watch also.

Michael5000 said...

I can't say that I'd call "all of your fabrics are chosen" a pro. That's the fun part!

Well, it is for me, anyway....