Friday, February 08, 2008

St. Thomas

To begin with St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands - so why do they drive on the other side of the road. Someone said that it harkens back to when they were a Danish colony - in Denmark they don't drive on that side of the road either...

O.K. So this day we decided to take the skyrail & walk around - or vice versa.

We actually walked first, but flickr is showing my skyrail photos first so....
DSC04418.JPG Do you see the orange roofs near the harbor - that is a fancy schmancy shopping area - the other side of the street? Low income housing & K-mart. :o)
At the top where these maps
so you could tell what you were looking at. I took a photo so I could see later - I can't see much...
DSC04409.JPG So all I can say with any authority is that the boat in this photo is our ship.
There was a nice little nature walk (I am still convinced that we made a wrong turn, but...) so i took several floral photos, but I really like this one:
DSC04406.JPG Who am I kidding, I took floral flowers everywhere, but I am not blogging the heck out of them.
The sign was cute enough to photograph. At the top were similar signs where you could pose with the lizards. (& a groups of teen/twenty-somethings taking full advantage - use your imagination - I got to watch while I sent my husband off for a cocktail - Bailey's Bushwhacker - can't go wrong if you add Bailey's in my book.)
There was a small baseball/baton twirler parade while we were shopping:
But this guy DSC04389.JPG I am not sure what his story was, but he was harassing/had just harassed/was about to harass the guy (or the previous one) for taking his photograph - without paying - so I took one on the sly - I'm sneaky like that.
St. Thomas is supposedly known for "streets" made of stairs... This was the only set that we found, DSC04382.JPG not that we were looking... The best part of those stairs - the kitties:
Form the sign, I though that this was going to be "something" DSC04380.JPG - it wasn't.
This was our last "stop" on the cruise. I plan to post "general" aka I don't remember where we were photos next & the finish up with the Rainforest on San Juan.


Karen said...

I bet to begin with all the cars were imported from England, so they drove the way they drove.

Ruth's Place said...

Interesting photos, as always. We have guys like that here, except they also wear trays of eggs on their heads, they make a living from the money tourists pay them for their picture.

Tanya said...

Ah, what nice photos of a wonderful vacation. I wish I were out exploring someplace fantastic. I'm in a frozen house snowed in right now...

Mary said...

We went to St. Thomas a few years ago and had a really nice time. We were surprised at the Danish elements though - Keith works for a Danish company and travels to Denmark frequently. Somehow I hadn't realized before that it had been a colony.