Friday, February 29, 2008

Soliciting Advice

NY Jets quilt
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

(Yes, I made this quilt several years ago. Yes, I am too lazy to link back to teh blog post where I talked about it.)

If you (I) were to make this with an assortment of taupes - light to dark - all colors, whast would you use for sashing? Or, Should I do light bricks with dark sashing or vice versa?

While on the subject of taupes, I am also soliciting ideas on how to use them? I am wanting to do a single block repeatedly - instead of something akin to Dear Jane/sampler/nearly insane/quilted diamonds. I want to use lights, mediums, & darks. I want to use a variety of colors - pinks, blues, browns, greens, etc. I am not interested in doing a "hard" block - i.e. curved piecing, sharp points, feathered stars... But then again, I want something more that turning twenty/yellow brick road. Something charming would be nice - but I've got the charm quilt ideas in spades - or I don't care to do a fiddley apple core, thankyouverymuch.

So go ahead, hit me with you best block!


Shelina said...

This green quilt is absolutely gorgeous! So bright and springy. For taupes, you could use a red or pink or a brown or black or white or a blue. The possibilities are endless!

For a one patch, triangles would be good, but if I were to start a new quilt today, I think diamonds would probably be what I would go for. Kaffe Fasset, I think it was him, has a book out recently with a diamond quilt, with sashng. It would be a good way to make the fabric do the work.

paula, the quilter said...

A taupe and black combo would be simply elegant wouldn't it? I thought of the tumbler pattern on the first think.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I have a quilt with these colors. I'll email it to you so you can see them working along side one another.


jovaliquilts said...

Taupe and black was my immediate thought, but I like that color combination. I'd probably go with a variety of tone-on-tone blacks and I'd want a few of the tops to have just a sparkle of color in them. I really like that layout -- great quilt!

Lisa Boyer said...

I vote for a taupey one like the green one. Dark taupe sash, light and medium taupe blocks.

I like black, but living with it is very hard. It gets fuzzy and hairy and the color fades. I use black in wall quilts, but not bed quilts. The maintenance is just too difficult.

Kay said...

Do you know the Cobblestone block? It's a square in a square, but very easy, no points to match, and very contemporary looking. In fact I made it in neutrals and it looked good. If you want, I'll send you an email.

Kay said...

I mis-read what you asked, but that block might still work.

julieQ said...

What an awesome quilt!

atet said...

9 patch? Something super simple that would show off all of the color combos? Maybe done with an plain alternate block setting? Sometimes the oldies really are goodies :0).