Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Next Stop Curacao

We went on a tour while in Curacao DSC04325.JPG. So much better for us to have something "to do."
DSC04302.JPG The Queen Emma Bridge. This bridge moves to allow boats to pass through. It was neat to watch - some people rode on the bridge while it moved.
DSC04303.JPGAn artists rendition of how the moving bridge might have looked in 1888 when it was first built.
Our tour was of Jewish History on Curacao. The oldest synogogue DSC04272.JPGin continuous use in the Western Hemisphere is on Curacao (dedicated in 1732).

The curacao blue liquor is made from the dried peelings of a citrus fruit. This is what the peelings look like:
This is a detail DSC04265.JPGof the building that was once a Curacao (the plant) and water plantationDSC04245.JPG . It is now an arts place. DSC04251.JPG

It was a bit of a conundrum for me (I don't care to visit cemeteries), but we visited the Jewish Cemetery and saw some very interesting tombstones.
These are replicas:
DSC04289.JPG The carving at the bottom shows that this woman died in childbirth.


Libby said...

So how do they get the liquor to be blue? I must have missed something.

Nicole and Phil said...

looks like you have been having lots of fun! hoping you get to a couple of quilting shops too!

Also, you've been tagged (sorry in advance if you hate this sort of thing...if you ignore it, you won't hurt my feelings), I've never done this before....