Friday, February 01, 2008

More from the vacation

If you want to see Michael & I in our "fancy" dress, you can a) come to the Italian Embassy with us next Friday or got to Deb's blog & check us out at the 1 fancy dinner that we attended. (They had 2, we did not feel like dressing up for the second one...) Also on Deb's Blog you cas see a view from our "bar."
DSC04427.JPG Us in the bar... (That is a Whiskey Sour in case you were wondering.)
DSC04429.JPG Our Bartender... (Horrible photo, but the camera only wanted to capture the heart on the end of the straw - so I had to do some photo-shopping. New verb, who knew...)
Now for some more photos of the ship...
Lucky for us, when we were checking out, a big group from our hotel was also going to the ship. (Background - check out at about noon, board the ship at 2 according to the paper work.) But those people from the group told us that we could board the ship early, we just would not be able to go to our staterooms until 2.)
So I had a chance to get some photos without people... :o)
Just a funny bit of "art":
Perhaps some performance "art" - it was pretty impressive I must admit.
DSC04165.JPG In the Solarium - aka Adult Pool area
DSC04157.JPG The other side...
DSC04145.JPG Looking down on the Promenade (& beyond).
DSC04171.JPG "Metal Tornado" I doubt that that is the actual name of this sculpture, but it was about 5 storeys high... (Deb has a different view of it on her blog - see the link above.)
Not to be confused with a "money shot" - The reason why we go where we go - on many occasions. Like in Israel when we were in the Desert walking through a canyon - the water fall was the "Money Shot!" This is just an idea for how I can display my collection of currency.

Did anyone catch the mention of Michael's & my invitation to the Italian Embassy next Friday? Just checking. (Michael is checking on whether or not cameras will be allowed.) More information on that to follow.


Deb R said...

I caught the reference to the embassy! Details, please!

Could you email me a copy of the "performance art" shot?? The guy laughing at the far left of that photo is "our" bartender, Jerry, and I didn't think to get a pic of him!

Kay said...

What an amazing ship! I had no idea.

Ruth's Place said...

Great ship! Yes, please do explain the Italian embassy!

Quilting Pirate said...

I just have to say, you are such a cute couple! What fun...I'm off to see you dress fancy now in Deb's blog :D

Debi said...

Great pictures, looks like a wonderful time. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

andsewitis Holly said...

Yes, I did catch the Italian Embassy reference and am wondering about that! Fun pictures. I like that currency display idea, too. I have my dad's collection of foreign currency from way back when he circled the globe on a carrier. Right now they are sitting in a box in the garage.

- said...


sorry for getting back so late, but you asked who Sinterklaas is, that is the guy in teh saint costume, het is a sort of Santa Claus. The black guy is 'zwarte piet´, a sort of assistant.
Hope this helps.