Thursday, February 07, 2008

I've been tagged

by Nicole for the 7 weird/random things. (Oh & go check out what she is doing with tumblers. I thought I saw a purple/orange one too, must go back & investigate later. So pretty.)

I may be repeating myself - but if it was weird once, it probably still is...

1. I love to be tagged, but I don't like to tag.
2. I have conversations with my cats. My girl cat is so disgusted with my ability to mimic that she has been known to treat me like a bad kitten with a little nip or smack.
3. I am inexplicably drawn to cat fabrics - seriously I have too much already, but I still want/need some of the new stuff too. My only saving grace is that I have not been in the mood to shop for fabric. I even passed up the chance at 2 free fat quarters...
4. In my heart of hearts deep down in my soul, I want to be a neatnik - especially in the studio.
5. My degree is in Elementary Education - I may have been the worst teacher ever to be handed a degree with honors! I still feel that I would have been better trained if I had a degree in criminal justice/corrections! & the hours, to this day I want to smack anyone who pooh-poohs about teachers having summers off.
6. I have a hard time following the rules... even here I an supposed to be listing weird things, I just want to list random - not so weird - facts.
7. I am still afraid to sew anything that is 3-d - lounge pants, bags, toys, etc.

Whew! If you want to join in, feel free! Let me know, so I can go read it.


Ruth's Place said...

Elementary school - you are a brave woman. Large groups of small children freak me out. Give me a classroom of 14 year olds any day...

Laurie Ann said...

I agree with the 3D thing. If it ain't flat, I don't want to do it!! But I am sooooo tempted by all the bags out there!

andsewitis Holly said...

Funny, I thought your degree *was* in criminal justice. Didn't know it was in elementary ed. That's what's great about these tags - learning new things about people.

P.S. Great pictures.

Tazzie said...

We have some things in common hon, I'm afraid of sewing 3D items too. I just don't know why, but I am. Also I'd like to be a neatnik, and sometimes watch Stepford Wives in the hope that it'll inspire me to clean up ... usually doesn't work.