Monday, February 04, 2008

Aruba anyone?

My best tale comes from Aruba...
To begin with, we planned the heck out of our trip to Israel, so my husband wanted to relax on this trip. So we did nto sign up for any shore excursions on Aruba. That was probably a mistake, because we apparently prefer to have a set itinerary. After some boring twiddle (lost ATM card, run back to the ship to search for it, run back to an internet cafe to make sure that it isn't being abused, etc.) we hired a taxi to tkae us to a bird sanctuary. No one told the birds that we were coming...
We saw this bird:
DSC04176.JPG (Yes that is zoomed in & cropped...)
But we also saw this:
DSC04177.JPG My husband thought that she might be dead... So I meowed & she heard me & meowed back. :o)
DSC04178.JPG see.
She must have been the reason for not birds... But the views were nice.
So we went back to the ship to eat lunch & decided to walk to a beach afterwards.
DSC04210.JPG I never knew that my husband was such a lush - all he wanted to buy was liquor... so we stopped in here.
We past by the commercial port on our way to the beach & past an extinct resort complete with mattresses on the beach & broken glass. (we were walking...)
But we were enroute to a time share that had a nice beach/boardwalk. Where we saw some thing that may remain stained in my memory for life... there was a portly man sunbathing - bad enough you say... he was tanner that anyone who was even born tan... & the only thing that he had on was a wash cloth covering as little as he could get away with... EEEW! Thank you Michael for telling me to look.
So I go back to stalking the brown pelican. You see when we were on the yucky beach we saw a pelican not more than ten feet from the beach near the nice part of the beach. Once we got to the nice part of the beach, the pelican was 200 feet out, etc.
I did get a few good shots (that were later cropped...)
Back to the boat after stopping at the liquor store for some "local" rum.
While I applied a good amount of sun block in the morning, I neglected to reapply - so the spot on my leg that I missed - remained missed... I also negleted to take into account that those hand wipes that they hand you before you can get back on the ship - wipe off sunblock... My burn was not bad by far it just did not feel too good in the shower.

(ATM - I think that I forgot to take it out of the machine in San Juan, which sucked in back in - no one ever tried to use it. But I do have a bit of advice - get a direct line to your bank, because "if you want to _____ press ____" is not what you want to hear when you are away from home trying to cancel a card.)


Ruth's Place said...

Your trips to bird sanctuaries sound like us on holiday. Losing your ATM card while on vacation must have been a real hassle!

Passionate Quilter said...

What a bummer losing your ATM card--kind of puts a damper on vacation! Looks like you, again, got more great shots of your vacation. And I think I found someone who travels more than me! LOL Enjoy EVERY minute! do you get by with getting so many photos on one blog post with blogger--it limits me to 5? curious minds want to know--or do you pay them off? LOL

McIrish Annie said...

all in all, it sounds like you had a nice trip! I could sure use a big dose of sunshine like that!

Deb R said...

You and M must have walked in a completely different direction than J and I did after getting off the ship. I didn't see any of that stuff you mentioned or pictured!!

I like the windmill! I never saw one on any of the islands, which surprised me considering the Dutch influence.