Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I wish for so many things, but rarely act on them... Case in point (off the top of my head and fairly recent) I wanted to try out Pilates & Yoga while on my 7 day cruise... (7 chances for each) The only day that I was even partially serious about doing it, I was too late for the sign ups... No real good excuses about the other days - except that I was on vacation - but then again when you look at my activity level - I am on the same vacation DAILY!
I also wish that I down loaded my cruise photos yesterday to flickr... (I only have Puerto Rico photos in my flickr.)
I also wish that I at least pretended yesterday that I had to go to work today. (Where oh where are those things that I usually have in my wallet that I took out for the vacation?)

I got this award while I was away - so nice... Thanks Sophie.

What is up next? Well besides my birthday on Wednesday? & my anniversary next month? I have a hotel & car rental for the Mid-Atlantic quilt show next month!
I get to have "really good" sushi for my birthday - YUM!
I rescued the cats yesterday & then went to the grocery store... I got a roast & a rotissery chicken - I knew that I would not be in the mood to cook... I should have dropped the roast into the crock post this morning... Stew sure sounds good right about now. (What should I do with left over rotissery chicken?)
I am a horrible bad quilter - haven't been in the "mood" for weeks - closer to months. My poor little doll quilts are still waiting on binding... I had hoped to get the winter one out before going to Israel, but the organizer did not want it to go out so early, so I set it aside... Now I will be sewing like a mad woman tonight so that I can get it mailed on Wednesday - just barely making the deadline.
I have to admit that Deb will tell a better story... (So for "other" details from the cruise head over to her corner of the blogosphere.) Her "gettting there story" is so much better from the get go!
View 1 from the hotel of the lagoon
View 2 from the hotel of the ocean
Unlike Deb we got to Puerto Rico without incident & were the first ones to check in that day, so we got an "upgrade" to a room with a sunroom on the top floor. View 1 is from the corner of the sunroom, while view 2 is the view from the window over our bed.


Ruth's Place said...

Happy Birthday!

Shelina said...

Relax, You were on vacation, and you were there to relax, no rules, no worries. You can't take back what you did or didn't do yesterday, but you can always start today! Sounds like your fun spree isn't over yet, lucky girl!

atet said...

Happy birthday early! As far as quilting and the rest goes -- you know mine isn't going to kill me to get it later. Deep breath, you are not a bad quilter, just other things have been on your mind. Hmmn...maybe yoga would be good for relaxation?

Greenmare said...

ahhhhhh post vacation let down. It's okay, you can weather it. Take two fat quarters, a nice drink of your choice, and surf the blog sites to see what everyone has been up to. And heck, put your feet up while you do it~

Libby said...

You still have 'vacation head' Allow it to last as long as you possibly can *s*