Thursday, January 03, 2008

where to start (part 2)

Yesterday, I knew exactly where to start. Now I am back to "where to start?" (In my defense, we had a rough time with my husband's brother & that is the one "AW SH!T" that got rid of all of the "ATTA BOYS" - I hope you know the reference. & So that & the aftermath is pretty much what I remember of the whole week.)

I guess I will start at the begining.
(I think that Haifa may be known for 1 thing...)
Haifa, Israel
Haifa, Israel
But it is also a port city:
Haifa, Israel
so much so that this was the view from the gas station:
Haifa, Israel
The Mediterranean sea...


Karen Dianne Lee said...

This is so neat. I've never seen photos of this area of the world and I didn't know Haifa was a port city.

Pieces of Me said...

I miss my home!!!! thanks for sharing. My husband is from Haifa.

Jeanne said...

Haifa looks beautiful!
Sorry about the problem with Michael's brother :( Hope it didn't taint the whole trip.