Friday, January 04, 2008

Tzfat (Safed)

Maybe I should ask Madonna what she calls it. It was a funny tension breaker though. The roads in that area are a bit scary... Switch backs, major elevation changes, barely two lanes wide, etc. So I casually asked my husband while he was stressfully driving, "Do you think Madonna drove on this road?" Tee Hee!

(Aside regarding the spellings... I am a recent serious student of Hebrew & I am not sure how the S replaced the TZ - the Hebrew letter sounds like the "tz" in Tzatziki - the greek sauce. It also sounds like the "tz" sound in the middle of pizza - pete-za...)

Any way this where we headed after Banias.
in the 1940's (I think) an artist colony was settled in Tzfat. There are many plaques showing where many of those artists lived.
Tzfat, Israel There is still a thriving artist colony in Tzfat. (I got 2 prints & an olive wood Mezuzzah.) Do you see the blue on the wall? I think the artists houses used to be painted in blue, but now you only see bits here & there for the most part. So much so that a freshly painted blue house is almost glaring.
Tzfat, Israel (Say, "Hi" to Mr. Calico Cat.)
Tzfat, Israel
Tzfat, Israel Tzfat is the highest city in Israel, when we were there it was over cast - almost threatening to rain...
Tzfat, Israel

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ah, the memories of Tzfat. Seems like yesterday.