Monday, January 07, 2008

So you had a weekend off

I did some quilty stuff, quilted 2 doll quilts & finished a giterdun top - photos after I have finished my trip to Israel...

Back to Israel.
Masada is where we went on Thursday before the wedding. (Oh yes, I like to cram a lot into my vacations... The cruise will be a bit hard for me because we plan to "take it easy.")
We took the Sodom Arad Road.
Masada, Israel (That is the Dead Sea in the background.)
They marked each 100 foot drop in elevation.
DSC03741.JPG This sign was quite odd - it includes French but is missing Arabic...
The Dead Sea We only did a drive by viewing of the Dead Sea, here it is again... The color was AWESOME...
Masada, Israel We took the cable car up to Masada. December would have been the ideal time to hike it, but we had a wedding to get back to.
The Dead Sea View from the cable car of the Dead Sea.
Masada, Israel Through this window the Ancient Israelites would have watched the Roman's build the ramp that was used to seige the fortress. (One of my favorite photos, btw. I really like to take photos of views through windows & doors.)
Masada, Israel One of the Roman encampments.
Masada, Israel
Masada, Israel
Masada, Israel


Exuberant Color said...

Your trip looks like it was quite an adventure. I love all of the arches and stone steps. When do you leave on the cruise and where is it going?

Jeanne said...

The Masada pics are really speaking to me! The panorama of the Dead Sea from the cable car, and the Roman ramp through the window are my favorites ... I can almost FEEL the history.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

You've had some great holidays recently. The landscape in Jerusalem is so barren.