Wednesday, January 30, 2008

San Juan

A bit of photojournalism.
DSC04103.JPG We got there too late to see the house - & almost too late to walk around the garden, as in the guard was locking the gate as we were entering. There are several gates, the lock all but one 1 hour before closing. Luckily Mr. Calico Cat found the one that remained open so that we would be able to exit.
DSC04081.JPG The bottle in the corner had a hole cut in the side & had some cat food - there was a water bowl too. :o) The gate however, was locked. All of the cats that we saw in the garden were altered. You could tell by the clipped ear.

Then we went to the fort:
DSC04120.JPG We were too late to tour the fort, but we could walk around...
And a bit of old San Juan:
DSC04058.JPG Blue bricks - slick as all get out!
DSC04052.JPG (This place has been on FoodTV a couple times for coffee & a pastery called Majorca. We missed our opportunity - we were being shown around by a couple of old ladies - when we returned it was too busy...)
DSC04047.JPG I like how the disdressed bits show some of the old facade.
DSC04050.JPG Dominoes is quite the past time in Puerto Rico.
DSC04140.JPG There was a carnival/festival of some sort going on... (It happens the 3rd week of January every year & has something to do with Christmas.) There were dragons in this bunch... My camera was not clicking as fast as I would have liked...
DSC04141.JPG The noise was unbelieveable. Apparently Ricky Martin gave a free concert later in the evening... (We found that out later from our guide in the rain forest. I should have asked him more about the festival.)
While finding a place to eat dinner we passed by another group that were getting ready to parade through the streets with FIRE! (The had not lit the batons yet.)


Kay said...

This sounds like fun. I knew nothing about the place at all, so this is interesting. That rainforest photo was particularly beautiful.

Susan said...

You are just having too much fun, all this traveling! Don't you have to work like the rest of us?

Just kidding, great pictures, thanks for taking us along!

Ruth's Place said...

Great photos, and I love the fact that you found a cat...

McIrish Annie said...

We are thinking about going to PR in March. Any suggestions what to see, what to avoid??

Karen said...

oh nice pictures, Amy. I'm so glad you are doing all of this traveling.

andsewitis Holly said...

Sounds like sooooo much fun. Thanks for the pictures. I can live vicariously through you :)

Rian said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!

atet said...

What wonderful photos -- sigh, maybe I should have kept dating that guy from San Juan when I was in grad school...nah, then I would have had to give up the joys of the midwest in winter!