Thursday, January 03, 2008

I already missed a stop...

Cesarea is where we went after Haifa (Banyas was the next morning).
If you like ruins, Cesarea is the place for you. All the way from the Persian period (568-332 BCE) to the Ottoman Period (1561-1917 CE). I think my photographs are mostly from the Crusader & Roman Periods.
Cesarea, Israel Crusader arches.
Caesarea, Israel Crusader ceiling.
Caesarea, Israel Roman (exterior court for a fancy house) Period. Mediterranean Sea in the distance (not a bad view, huh?).
Caesarea, Israel Mosaic floor in the fancy Roman House.
Caesarea, Israel Marble "quilt block" floor in the outside court of the fancy house.
Caesarea, Israel Irish Chain mosaic floor.
Caesarea, Israel King Herod's Hippodrome.
Also in Cesarea that we missed was an Ampitheater & a Byzantine wall (2 name a few specific things - we only had about 2.5 hours to see a site that could take a day.)
The following all come from the Bird Mosaic Mansion. I was impressed with how life like the birds are... You can tell that a peacock is a peacock.
Caesarea, Israel quail?
Caesarea, Israel peacock
Caesarea, Israel duck
Caesarea, Israel Pelican
Caesarea, Israel Flamingo
I still marvel over the fact that I would have missed this if we did not have battery problems.
Our final sight for the day were Roman Aquaducts:
Caesarea, Israel We also only got to see the aquaduct because of the battery problem. They had spotlights, but they never lit while we were sitting in the car...


Nancy said...

Thank you for your travelogue and your pictures, Amy. For the first time ever, I am becoming interested in visiting Israel!

Tracey in CT said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I am enjoying seeing your pictures!

Ruth's Place said...

They are awesome pictures. I'd love to visit there - the history is just amazing.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Gosh, these are so neat. These birds are incredible and the roman aquaducts - WOW. To me, that's unreal.

How cosmic that this all happened!

woof nanny said...

Wow. So much history and beauty.

Jeanne said...

I like the Crusader arches, and those bir mosaics are amazing!