Monday, January 07, 2008

En Gedi - Nahal David

Since we were in the area, I wanted to go to En Gedi on our way back to Jerusalem. (We passed by the Ahava factory...)
En Gedi Israel As we started the walk, I heard, "Why are we here, exactly?"
Nahal David (En Gedi) Israel "Yes, I know you like that kind of picture & water is pretty in the desert, but please tell me this is not the only reason why we came here."
Rock Hyrax "Yes, that is neat." A Rock Hyrex.
Nubian Ibex "OOOh, Amy get a picture of that." A Nubian Ibex.
Nubian Ibex And another...
Nahal David, Israel (En Gedi) "Amy climb up here..."
Then we hiked up & saw more of these:
Nubian Ibex
& these
Rock Hyrax
Nahal David (En Gedi) Israel
Nahal David (En Gedi) Israel
Nahal David (En Gedi) Israel (Another favorite photo.)
Nahal David (En Gedi) Israel
& That is why we came here.
Mind you that while this is a Nature Reserve with all of the wild Hyrex & Ibex, that they are not fed by the visitors... The animals were there because they wanted to be, not because there was a coin op machine with feed enticeing them to stay put.

Next & final stop Jerusalem.


Ruth's Place said...

Beautiful spot!! I'm just loving your trip reports and pictures.

woof nanny said...

Animals and doesn't get much better than that.

Jeanne said...

Ibexes and hyraxes -- animals I only know of in zoos or in Bible stories.