Thursday, January 03, 2008

Banias (Banyas)

The translations from Hebrew to English are not always the same. (Think about how many ways there are to spell Hanukkah.)
Banias has 2 things going for it, a waterfall and the remains of some Roman temples for the god Pan. I really wanted to see the waterfall (Nature girl at heart), but since we were close, we went to the ruins as well.
Banias Water fall, Banias Israel (Hermon Stream) Hermon Stream
Banias Israel We hiked up that trail...
Banias Israel The temple area from above.
Banias Israel The rear of the temple was the cliff wall, so this remains.
Banias Israel This fed an ancient flour mill.
Rock Hyrax Syrian Rock Hyrax.
This park was in the upper Galilee/Golan Heights, so we saw signs like this:
Banias Israel
(More photos are in my flickr including sign placcards - if you have any specific questions, please ask I have the brochure.)

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