Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yes, the quilting can ruin a quilt...

So I decided to work on some "obligation" quilting this weekend: 1 on 1 doll quilt swap, 4 seasons winter doll quilt swap, & round robin round 2.

1 on 1 - top done!
round robin - block almost done.
winter doll quilt - top 2 done. :o(

I knew what I wanted to do way back in the fall... I just hopped that I would get partnered with someone wanting my "theme within the big theme."

She is o.k. with my theme within a them so I got cutting & sewing. My original idea had 3, 6, & 9 inch blocks... I had a math error & taht idea soon changed to 2, 4, & 8. The twos do longer looked "good" so I added borders & was quite happy with the result. So I sandwiched it & found the snowflake stitch on my machine...


That stitch herks & jerks a lot, by the time I got down 1 border, I was no longer straight, but I persevered... Before I knew it, I had a huge pucker/bump/shift on the front... So I "finished" that while thinking - What can I do with the fabric that I have left?

I made top Number 2...

I will do straight quilting on this one, so that I don't "have" to stash enhance to make top number 3!

I'd share a photo or two, but my partner reads the Calico Cat... All I can say is that I hope to have it ready to be under your tree. In other words, I want to mail this well before we go to Israel.


Shelina said...

You certainly have been busy. The baby quilt looks great - I especially like the binding fabric. I look forward to seeing pictures of the doll quilts when you are able to show them.

atet said...

Ok, now I really need to get busy!!!! EEEKKKK!!!!