Friday, October 26, 2007

More Red Fabric - & some progress! (& some fun stuff)

RED! More red fabrics! I will start to officially count & cull after Houston. I hope to get some Katie Jump Rope reds there. (could not get free spirit fabric's website to come up so the URL is from quiltersbuzz.) The black with red hearts may be too black... But I do want 4 dark red on black prints for the center of the quilt.
Aleph Bet quilt top Just need the borders - I am thinking of using an bright on black print... I decided not to applique anything onto the spacer blocks. I am pleased with the checkerboard effect. 36 different black & white prints - 2 of which show cats. Unfortunately I gave up my musical b&W's in a trade becasue the dad to be for this quilt is a musician. Oh well, the quilt is no worse for wear without it. The machine button holing was TEDIOUS! I have a new found respect for those who can do it well. Liberally adapted and corrected from a pattern by Oy Vey Quilts.
Once Upon a Time quilt Once Upon a Time, pattern in Modern Quilt Workshop by Ringle & Kerr. This is my second one... (of 3? I want to do one for myself)
RB at the ready And now for a stupid cat trick. My little boy, RB, can do the biped. Not a quick up & down like most cats. He can hang out for a good bit tryign to catch the toy. Unfortunately it is apparently impossible to be holding the toy & trying to get the photograph... & He is smart, he will hop up onto the table or TV to be at the same height as the toy, so that he does not have to try to grab it. :o)
RB playing biped Another shot of him in the moment!

FYI Rhapsody wanted to play too - she is an up & down grabber. He attacked her while she was up - on her soft under belly - SO not happy...

I may be scarce for about a week while I am in Houston - take care & stay safe. I can't wait to meet all who are going to be in Houston!


Vicki W said...

Like you, I am so excited to go! I think Debra said you would be that the Wednesday night gathering - looking forwrad to meeting you!

Shelina said...

Wow that is some good progress to get things done and out of the way before you go to Houston. Both look wonderful in their own way.

Hope you have a great time in Houston. Be sure to take lots of photographs so we can come along visually!

McIrish Annie said...

have a great time in HOuston! I wish I was going.:( There are so many quilters I know from blogging that are going to be there. Could have met face 2 face!!

At the rate you are going, you will have made every quilt in Modern Quilt before long!!

andsewitis Holly said...

The "cat" quilt turned out awesome as did the "once upon a time". The latter reminds me of the train system in Japan for some reason. I love the red fabrics.

Have fun in Houston.

Faith said...

Your fabrics are really interesting and different
Have a safe jouney and hopefully you
will be quilting again soon,

Marisa said...

Your use of black and white in the aphabet quilt is seriously beautiful. It is a bit on the wild size, but very nice and pleasing to the eye. So pretty!!!