Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dyed Reds

Dyed Reds
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Vintage catalog (circa 1910) description: "Our Dyed Reds are the best 64x64 print cloth, dyed with a pure color, guaranteed to be absoultely fast. Our dyeing process is such that a uniformity of shade is produced rarely obtainable in this class of dyeing. We are printing this fabric with patterns in White on Red, Black on Red and Black and White on Red. Our Plain Shade of Red is particularily desirable."

Obviously, I am sharing a flickr photo that is not mine... But those fabrics are red. This is a lame way of letting you guys know that I got some more red fabrics last night. Thanks Wanda! You know, I wish I met Wanda earlier if only because she has provided me with 3 old cat fabrics that I did not have previously! I know unbelievable - but you can believe it!

Two of them are like this only one is in browns & the other is in grays, not brights like this. I had the brights in regular scale & jumbo scale. (I also have a bolt of this in flannel for backings...) The best part, I knew the gray version was around - because I saw it and coveted it in someone elses quilt... :o)

But also becasue her quilts are totally inspiring. go check her out! I am doing another 1 for 1 doll quilt swap & the one that I am doing it totally inspired by what Wanda has done - on a way smaller scale with far fewer fabrics & a different block - but still inspired by what Wanda has done!

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Ok, that hint is an unhelpful tease, though I think it might give me an idea :0).