Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Last Year" a quilt by: J. Kennedy

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Another quilt from the Hershey quilt show.

I just got my partner for the Fall Doll Quilt swap. Luckily I got "Quilter's Choice" again. I am falling back on a favorite stand by of mine - Charm quilt. This time I am using rectangles. I am only feeling a tad bit guilty for working on a new Fall quilt - while I have a UFO languishing... But I am using my Nickel Charms for the charms, so this will be 100% from the stash.

I need some help...
I need to know how to "say" actually spell cats & snow in as many different languages as possible - for two different quilt ideas. I would prefer the English transliteration - like Neko for cat instead of the Kanji "Japanese characters" version.


jovaliquilts said...

Really like that quilt!

There are lots of online English-to-whatever dictionaries. You can just google "online English Hungarian dictionary," for example, and you'll find one. Have just been learning Italian, so I know cat is gatto (or gatta for a female cat) and neve is snow. Sounds fun! Will you let us know more?

Holly said...

kucing = cat
saldju = snow

Now you really have me curious.

meggie said...

That quilt is just gorgeous.
Sorry, cant help with the cat.snow.

Shelina said...

Here's a translation dictionary: There are a bunch more.
I know cat is gato in Spanish, and meendri in katchi. I can ask my mother for more translations if you need.

Ruth's Place said...

cat - chats
snow - neige

German - Katzen, Shnee
Italian - gatti, neve
Portuguese - gato, neve
Spanish - gatos, nieve

Hope this helps, I'll look up the pinyin (Chinese) for you tonight.

Rian said...

El Gato is cat in Spanish, and I believe Nevada is snow.

I like that quilt a lot.

Margeeth said...

In dutch:

Cat = Kat or Poes
Cats = Katten or Poezen

Snow = Sneeuw

ForestJane said...

ohhh, be sure and post what you find... this sounds like it could be a fun cat quilt!

Have you tried babelfish /altavista's translation engine?

McIrish Annie said...

Dandylion, i was going to tell you to google the words but apparently everyone else beat me to it!

sounds like something good is brewing!

Mama Spark said...

Here is what I got:



I work with people from many countries and this is what they wrote for me.

Holly said...

Here's some more:

Turkish cat = kedi
Twi (Ghanian) cat = ngyamna

No snow words, sorry.

Hedgehog said...

Hi Amy!
Trying to get back into the blogging world after a long summer away! Hope this is helpful:

Swedish: katter, snö
Finnish: kissat, lumi
Romanian: picici (feminine cats), motani (masculine cats), zăpadăn (snow)
Lithuanian: katės (fem), katinai (masc), sniegas