Monday, August 06, 2007

I've been blogged. (edited twice) once more to add a URL for the Jade fabric

Ahem, RB & Rhapsody & have been blogged.

Check them out here: Freshcut Doll Quilt.

It was a fun quilt to make, from start to finish. :o)

I worked on my Use It Up Halloween quilt this weekend. (BTW Who am I kidding with that "Use It Up" bit, I am only using a lot - & I gave away a lot, but that still leaves a lot...)

I am doing a YBR quilt - & I am officially the only person alive who can screw up a simple pattern over an over!

While I am at the Atkinson Designs website, I thought I had this booklet: Take Two, I was wrong, or I can not find it.

Too bad, because I was going to add another project to my ever growing list... a quilt quite similar to this one by Gone Aussie Quilting. She used Metro Blue, & I used Metro blue for a Zipper Quilt, but I got a jade green group that has the metro blue look (BLEEKER STREET)... I may use them in an Allegro quilt instead.

What is Jade Green's color compliment? What would "look good" but not be obvious like white to use with jade green? (Thinking on what to use where the designers used white....)

Back to the YBR screw up. I cut the first fq the wrong way.

(My last YBR, I cut them all the wrong way before I caught on...)

Some of my fqs were way wide - as in I was able to get an additional 3.5 inch strip out of them...

According to the pattern you need 30 for a queen sized quilt, I had 31 or 32... But you need 18 for a twin, so I thought, "Make two quilts one to keep & one to give away." You are probably aware of the fact that I will need a few more fqs or blocks... (18 x 2 = 36, not 30, 31, or even maybe 32)

So I sew up everything according to the directions, more or less - I made funky 4 patches, instead of 2 squares on top of a two unit rail fence, but the measurements end up the same any way, so I left them.

Since I cut the first fq the wrong, way, many of you know that I did not have enough fabric to make the second skinny cut as needed, no problem, because I had wide fqs and was able to just use a 3.5 inch strip.

Back to needing more blocks.... I had enough extra strips (I also stripped a couple other fabrics) to make several (12) rail fence blocks, that fit the 9.5 inch square dimensions as needed. :o)

I also cut 9.5 inch squares of fabric, too - just because.
(Well just because I had two glow in the dark cat halloween prints, that I really wanted to use, but I only had a fq to begin with & everyone knows where 3.5 inches of all of my cat prints are located... - next to the fabric that still needs to become setting triangles.)

So now I am ready to divide & sew blocks into a couple of quilt tops. :o)

I also trimmed on my template quilt & I did a bit of hand quilting.

For those of you who have Amy Butler's book In Stiches, I am doing the quilt that you can see if you do the search inside thing on Amazon on page 14 using my turquoise Joel Dewberry Prints. I spent an afternoon labeling the different fabrics... The directions call for 9 one yard pieces, I have 18 fat quarters... (I added a bit for the bigger pieces). With my left overs, I hope to do the circles pillow (as a small quilt) that you can see on the couch on the cover. And a charm quilt or two like the one that was blogged about at the top of this post. :o)

1 more thing
take a look at the quilt in this picture. I know it is hard to see for the cute ginger kitty, but do you see the circles, & how they are touching each other? This is what I am doing with Katie Jump Rope & other prints on a chocolate background. I got a light weight fusible interfacing to help with my applique - now to find my sew in a circle foot for teh sewing mcahine....


Libby said...

You are not alone - I have a friend who has made YBR agony *s* And there has not been one stitch taken. At this point I am urging her to ditch the whole affair and begin anew.

Vicki W said...

Try an orangish red with your jad and see if that looks good.

Rian said...

Try magenta.

goneaussiequilter said...

I hope you don't mind but over a month ago I bought Bleeker Street with the intention to do the Zipper Quilt from MQW. You have been the one to inspire me to buy the book, to purchase the Metro Blue line and now to make the Zipper quilt with Bleeker Street!

Jeanne said...

Your little doll quilt looks so cute with the teddy bear sitting on it at its new home. With the jade, maybe try some different shades of pink or lavender.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

How busy you are Amy. You have a lot of things on the go. The green fabric is nice - I love Jade green.

Marisa said...

Your doll quilt is adorable. I'm a huge fan of the tiny quilt.

atet said...

Those bleeker street fabrics are great! I'm just finishing up my own Denyse Schmidt variation using them! They really are yummy!