Monday, July 30, 2007

My favorite quilt from the quilt show

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I lost my booklet, so i can't tell you all of the stuff that you want to hear, like who made this quilt & what it is called... But I can tell you that it is my favorite from the show - even with all of those crystals - that I am not too terribly fond of...

Luckily, Sophie did know: Little Piece of Heaven, made by Mary S. Buvia of Greenwood, Indiana. Thanks (feel free to leave comments in flickr if you see any others that you can identify.)


sophie said...

I saw that wonderful quilt at NQA in Columbus last month, so I can tell you that it's name is Little Piece of Heaven, and that it was made by Mary S. Buvia of Greenwood, Indiana. I couldn't believe that it only won an Honorable Mention at that show. Here's a link to my detail photo of the cat's face.

meggie said...

That sure is a great cat quilt. I love the little mice too!

Susan said...

I suppose the quilt the cat is sitting on is all tiny little pieces?

Sonnja said...


I like the Quilt too, beautiful!
Kind Regards

Sonnja from the Netherlands

susan said...

Wow, it is more like a work of art than a quilt!