Friday, May 25, 2007

The Border Blunder

(Not really but the title is catchy, no?)

You may have noticed that the Plain Spoken quilts do not have borders... My last Zipper didn't either...

The current quilt requires a border. Nothing fancy but a border nonetheless. I pieced it up to the "time to add a border" point last night.

Sorry it is a gift, so no photos will be forthcoming.


Libby said...

Sometimes a border is just unneccessary. And it feels fun to just be done *s*

computerpeach said...

borders are my least favorite thing. I tend to like quilts more without them - or just "Plain Jane" ones.

atet said...

I love the two without borders -- the Modern Quilt workbook and a few others have been making me think about quilts without borders -- I like!

Post a photo after you give the gift! It won't spoil the surprise and will give us some eye candy to look forward to!