Thursday, April 19, 2007

The winners

1st place applique Folkart Sundae by: Sandi McMillan 1st place applique

1st place pictoral Through Tuscany by: Cynthia England 1st place pictoral

1st place pieced Feathered Star II - Spring by: Barbara Swimea 1st place pieced traditional

1st place pieced innovative Heartson by: Elsie Vrendenburg 1st place pieced innovative


Ruth's Place said...

Wow, they are just amazing! I can't wait to see your zipper quilt.

Mel said...

It's interesting how different the decisions of the judges can be. I remember noticing at the Houston show that Cynthia's quilt didn't win so much as an Honorable Mention, even though she's a two-time Best of Show winner. And here it's won first place. (It's beautiful, and Cynthia's work is always meticulous, so certainly it deserves it!)

Andi said...

I took a class from Cynthia England...her method is NOT for me! But, I did get to hear her talk about the process she used for designing Tuscany!

Kay said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. You're always so complete and informative!