Monday, April 23, 2007

Local Quilt show photos

These photos are from The Milltown Quilter's quilt show in Colombia, Maryland.
(I planned on jotting down the titles and names, but my motebook did not make it home form work with me...)
However, the "information" placcards were pinned to the quilts - so I thought I could crop into the the placcard & get the information... I could, but then getting that to the right quilt proved far to frustrating - so here they are without information - sorry.

winding ways It took me awhile to figure out why I like this quilt... (the colors are like my star struck quilt.)
stars with leafy border Love thte leafy border & the scrappy solid dark borders...
chicken I like "fun-ky" what can I say...
cat border Notice the cat print border - that is almost my signature look (although you can't tell by my recent stuff...)
blue green love the colors - not quite monochromatic, but close!
orange gradiation love the two gradiations.
mmini hearts I guess you can tell by the county fair ribbon that this is a miniature... (I can see small cat prints in those hearts...)
mini-pinwheels By the same quilter... (my new book has this pattern - in normal size. Oh did I forget to mention that my special order book finally came in? I'll share more about that later...)
log cabin bow ties A log cabin variation & check out that Piano key border! Nice selection of black on blacks!
hexagon wreaths Those are EPP hexagon wreaths. I have some hexagon flowers (they might even have leafs) hopefully I have enough to create 1 wreath!
dogwood I thought these were Dogwood blossoms, they are beach roses.
cropped star quilt One of my favorite quilts from the show.
chuppah 2 A lovely monochromatic Chuppah.
cat quilt My favorite quilt. This was part of a challenge using a greeting card as inspiration.
cat applique Does anyone still have that streaky tealy-purple fabric in their stash? (80's vintage?) Not that I want it - rather to show that you can still use it!


Feeling Simply Quilty said...

You have access to a lot of quilt shows in your area. I like the stars and leafy border. Combing piecing and applique in a quilt is one of my favorites. Especially an appliqued border.

Nancy said...

thanks for sharing. It's hard for me to get around quilt shows anymore so I have to depend on all the great pictures you and others post from the ones you go to. :-)

My favorites are the "fun-ky", building blocks (with the cat border) and the last 2 with the cats on them. Are you surprised? LOL!

meggie said...

Thankyou for sharing all these quilts with us! Wonderful.

mamaspark said...

I totally LOVE the blue-green one! Thanks for sharing with us. Come and visit me and see my quilts and cats too, we have 5.