Friday, March 02, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2007

Synchronized Swimming Synchronized Swimming, by: Kathy York. I loved everything about this quilt - the background, the fishies, the theme, the colors...
Synchronized Swimming detail 2 detail of Synchronized Swimming. Aren't the beady skirts cute? Every fish has a wired body so that they could be "formed."
Synchronized Swimming detail 3 Another detail... (I really wanted to type de- TAIL...) Loook they made a heart!
Little Circles Little Circles, also by Kathy York.
Insanity Insanity, by: Jeanie Velarde - won best use of embellishments (I thought that Synchronized Swimming with its limited use should have won this prize... But I really liked this quilt too! It's bright, bossy & fun!)
Insanity detail a detail of Insanity - to have that collection of things to embellish with is insanity to the title fits!
Jeepin with Jim & Joan's Daughter Jeepin with Jim and Joan's daughter, by: Mickey Depre.
Charming Chamomile & the Sugar Cubes Charming Chamomile and the Sugar Cubes, also by Mickey Depre.
Charming Chamomile & the Sugar Cubes detail detail of the sugar cube!


cityquilter grace said...

amy, thanks for showing all these great works for those of us who cannot see them in person. i have set up a blog but no photos yet, but you can visit if you like...

cityquilter grace having a snow day

Rian said...

I hate to be redundant but WoW.

ForestJane said...

Jeanie V. - who made the Insanity quilt - is in my guild. :)

She's in the block of the month string picture I just posted, sitting in the chair on the right. She was working on it at our last retreat, billions and billions of beads and buttons and sequins.

Shelina said...

Amy, you are showcasing these quilts in such a great way. Thank you for the virtual tour. It is almost like being there. Without the tired feet.
I hadn't thought about making my own paisley before, but it is giving me lots of ideas.