Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Have I really become one of those people?

As stated by CrAP,

"It's a personal thing, an intimate connection between your personality, your day-to-day life, and your hands. Truth is, I like to just wing it. I love yarn and I love needles, so I relax by making it up as I go, enjoying the feel of the fabric and the strange shapes it sometimes takes. I look to knitting as my safe relaxing place. I used to feel apologetic about all this, like I wasn't properly challenging my skills. Now I know it's just the way my brain works. There is no right or wrong here, and that is such a comforting idea!"

Go here to read the whole purl of wisdom. (yes, I crack myself up!)

Just like me only my diet consists of cotton fabric, not yarn... To me this is the essence of my dandylion ways! You see, I just like to play with colors and textures, not "hard" to piece together shapes!

Re: My title - I am quoting other bloggers... I am I now one of those people who quotes others in their blog?


laurie said...

My maternal grandma was an avid quilter and she was the same way, always mixing together fabric and texture, so brilliantly, but nothing complex, just simple squares. It was so lovely and pure, I remember thinking when I was a kid how much of an artist she was!

I love that you call me CrAP. hehehehehehehe

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very funny. Maybe that's why I'm not getting more finished, I need to stick to basics. If that applies to knitting it could for quilting too. Ha! It's too late, I'm in too deep.

Rose said...

Thnx for visiting my site and in answer to ur question....i transfer my stitchery patterns with a lightbox and water soluble pen, and then just wash then to remove lines when finsihed........ive added u to my bloglist so i can continue to read ur wonderful site, hope u dont mind!

Shelina said...

I need to remember this. Sometimes I go for the more challenging patterns, because I have been quilting long enough and should be expanding my skills. But I always go back to some of the easier patterns. Something really quick and easy so that I can remind myself that I do know how to make a quilt. With freedom like this, I just might feel free enough to make something quick and easy, and feel free enough to put it together more creatively.