Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP on Wednesday & my class last night

Well you all saw this yesterday, but it is my current WIP....
cat applique Forest Jane asked & I forgot to mention yesterday, so here is the scoop: I purchased the kit from Hancock's of Paducah - thinking that I would like a grab & go project, not something to agonize over in regards to the fabric choices... I won't be getting a kit from them again anytime soon. They did not lable anything - I have stuff left over... But just so you know, the cat is made out of an Ombre that we put out under McKenna Ryan's name & I already own a yard of it... (I got a yard of the gray too.)
I am still working on this too:
wip wed 9 patch
& this:
WIP 1 with RB
(I've been sewing on these while thinking about my 12x12x12 block...) I need to recount my charms & relook at my "plan" right now they do not seem to be jiving... I am having fun though.

My class last night - many of you know that I am back in school at American University taking classes for a Master's Degree (I am currently non-degree.) in the general field of Business (includes management, accounting, law...) So I signed up for Problem Solving for Managers - expecing a social science type class where we look at real cases of problems that a manager could face like short staffing... What did I get? STATISTICS! (If anyone knew the class was on Statistics based upon the title, may I borrow your brain for 3 monts?) The class is in the Public Administration school.

Tomorrow nights class: Business Law.


quiltpixie said...

the charm quilt is wonderful... it was a lot of fun "checking" them all out Thanks! :-)

Ruth's Place said...

Statistics, ouch - you have my sympathy!!