Friday, December 08, 2006

I forgot again...

I swear whenever I sit down to blog more than 1 thing I forget half of what I want to say & soemtimes I forget that I forgot something... Case in point:

Barb at Woofnanny, shared a recipe (that she found on yet another blog - I have gotten severly lost in blogville!) for pumpkin bars... I only tried them becasue they only needed the 1 cup of pumpkin that I had leftover from my pumpkin pie recipe! They are yumm-o!

I think that was all that I wanted to share.... (Who knows.)

Have I mentioned lately that I am ready to PARTY? :o)


Sioux said...

Thanks for the recipe, all those recipes sound wonderful.

Rian said...

Okay, let's party! I'm ready too!

Anonymous said...

You are such a dag! (Oh-that's a good thing.) I would imagine an Aussie quilt would be themed Aussie even if it were being made for Hannukah! I also think that you should "just party then!!"

I love that you have applied yourself and finished the work as now you sound so much more enthusiatic about life.
Tracey@ozcountryquiltingmum-your site is having a moment and will only let me post anonymous