Monday, November 27, 2006


O.K. for a recap, I baked a turkey, squash & apples dish, parsleyed potatoes, cranberry with apples, raisins, & nuts relish/sauce, maple bourbon sweet potatoes, & I made boxed stuffing (the scratch stuffing did not work out...).

I also made an apple/pear crisp, a pumpkin & a pecan pie.

remember my plea for help...

Once again this year, my pecan pie did not set! Two years in a row I have made ice cream sauce.

Everyone made it here in one piece & got back to their homes as safely. We even ventured out to the National Zoo on Saturday.

Over all my 4 day weekend was rather lazy - so lazy that after a few errands were run early on Sunday, I sat in front of the TV with two cats on my lap for pretty much the remainder of the day. I did momentarily think that if my sewing machine were set up in front of the TV that I could sew, but...

The best news - my girl cat is talking to me again. (I think she is happy again.)

The rest of the story: When I got her, she was an only cat and would talk all the time. I can mimic her very well, she even smacked me for talking back. During this time, I was away from her for the better part of 10 hours a day, so I decided to get her a feline companion.

She stopped talking to me.

When he was lost & she thought that she reverted back to only cat, she talked to me - when I found him - she attacked him again and quit talking again.)& so the story went for at least 3 years. She only tolerates the little boy. It is only o.k. to cuddle when it is her idea, etc.

Now that we are in our new condo., she is talking to me once again. She even gave me a warning nip when I was talking back too much. :o)


Joyce said...

Your meal sounds wonderful. I have very little experience with pecan pie. I like it too much. Lol. Hope the next one sets for you.

Jules said...

Well, the peacan ice cream sauce sounds good to me. I make butterscotch pie and sometimes it sets and sometimes it doesn't. This year it was somewhere in between.

Juliann in WA said...

I cannot offer help with the pies - I have never been able to make a good pie
glad your kitty is talking again

Erica said...

Pecan pie can be tricky. I've never had great luck with actual pecan pie, but I have a recipe for pecan pie squares that are to die for. They are fairly easy to put together and I've never had them not set up. I can send you the recipe if you'd like.

Cher said...

bummer about your pecan pie-I make pumpkin and apple, so am no help at all...just never acquired a pecan taste :-)

ForestJane said...

A little feline peace and quiet actually sounds good to me lol

Sorry your pie was soupy! But adding a scoop of ice cream to it sounds inspired. :)

Susan Tidwell said...

You are making me hungry again, where did all the leftovers go? Glad you had a good holiday, and glad your cat is talking again!

woof nanny said...

at, they have a forum where you can ask questions about cooking and get great advice. It's pretty cool. She (Melinda) has a cooking talk show in Los Angeles that I love to listen to on the weekends. So that's one idea to get pie expertise.
I love it when kitties talk. I'm glad yours is feeling comfortable in your new home.