Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blogwork (kinda like house work only for the blog)

It is October 1st & the weather could not be any nicer!

I am making Chicken & Dumplings for dinner - could the blogger who shared the recipe complete with pictures chime in - I failed to save the "credits."

October fabric diet - count me in!

October goals (Anything has to help me get on track so here goes.):
1 - two gift blocks
2 - borders onto wedding signature quilt & off to Judy (send Judyone or two "other" quilts that I can not name right now - brain fart!
3 - unpack ALL of my fabric.
4 - make a list of UFO's & PIGS.
5 - make give away boxes - please stay tuned for those...
6 - Oh heck - I'll have to come back to goal setting later, after I have appraised what should be on my "to do" list... (Maybe after goal number 3 or maybe 6 is a good number...)


ForestJane said...

Ohhh, how brave starting a fabric diet right when you're making things for gift-giving season! That's one diet I'd break real quick... lol

Angie said...

YUMMMMM, can I come have dinner with you???? LOL

Shelina said...

I saw that chicken and dumplings recipe and decided I was going to make it too, but I didn't keep the credit either. Or the recipe. :( But it definitely looked good!
Good idea to keep your goals realistic.

cher said...

we decided on BLT'S for our supper-easy and yummy. I have been not buying fabric pretty much for several years, with a few that doesn't even make my list anymore :-) good luck with all your goals! by the way, you no longer have an email addy attached to your comments.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Gosh Amy - that looks like a good list to me - no need to add more to it!!! Have fun unpacking your fabrics and getting them all organized in their new home!



Sharon said...

I'm on the "no" chicken and dumplings diet, why not the Oct fabric diet, too? Sure wish I could have both!

EileenKNY said...

I think you've got plenty of goals on your list. Seems like it's contagious to do this list. :)
I don't have to do the diet this month, I still haven't bought any fabric since July!!

computerpeach said...

The Chicken and Dumplings was me -- if anyone else is interested can find it at: Chicken and Dumpling Recipe

Let me know how they go - I am always interested in finding out how other's like them since they are an old family recipe.

I made a small batch the other day - just used a couple of chicken breasts. They were good - but not as good as when I make them with a whole chicken. I might just have to make them for my neighbors sometime soon so I can have a really good batch... :D

Samantha said...

good luck with the fabric diet! I'm even worse at those than regular diets ;-)