Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How do you?

How do you make a picture smaller? If it is 2221KB now, how do I make it 1500KB?

If you want to see the Chihuly shots, they are up on my webshots (as are about 1/3 of my Australia photos/some previously seen here!) Sorry, some are sideways and I have not cropped them yet... (Well, I did, but that was in Picasa - who still does not talk to blogger beta.)

I am trying to start a wordpress blog.... I may try typepad too - wordpress is not "my thing" so far.


Hedgehog said...

The Chihuly photos are excellent. I've seen his work before, but never in the outdoors. Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

Thank you for sharing your Chihuly photos -- they are just great. I have only seen a piece here and there -- never so much and not outside. Wow!