Sunday, August 13, 2006

some forgotten photos

These photos are from the Alexandris Waterfront Festival. I thought this was a completely quirky way to reuse instruments. (My hubby the music guy was less than impressed.)

Anyway, I am blogging again because Mary had me convinced to share the photos from the listing of our condo. (I can't!)

Also I forgot one more thing - that I have apparently forgotten again. GRRR!

I am not a "folk-artist" everytime I look at that basket I say, "ugh." It is am old UFO - I took the class at the Road to California quilt show - several years ago. :o) (I can't remeber the teachers name, but she did the "Conway Album, I'm not from Baltimore.") I am thinking a heart with our names would be more "me." I actually wish I was not so darm happy with the sharks tooth border or I would chop the darn thing in 1/2! (Maybe I will do that - you know figuring out how to get the teeth right... & chopping it in 1/2.) Life is too short & my quilt list is too long to hold onto quilt projects that I am no longer in LOVE with.

That remended me about what I forgot earlier. My arm should be out of joint from patting myself on the back - equilter had kitties on sale & I was not even tempted to break my "no-buy" pledge. (Even thought I was tempted to buy several of them at full price! The minimum of 1 yard is what did it.) Also I have a GC to a local quilt shop & I am still saving that too. :o)

Oh yeah - I do not "heart" blogger. He is not playing nice. YAY for Picasa. Posted by Picasa


quiltpixie said...

LOVE the recycled instruments. My DS is a clarinetist and what a wonderful gift such a piece of art would be :-)

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, I like the elephant sculpture. Congratulations on your condo purchase (or is it still pending, hope not)!

Hanne said...

I forgot to tell you I love taupe fabrics. I am collecting some and dream about what to use them for - mix with reds maybe.
I think you should show us your folk artist Ufo. Maybe someone will take it off your hands and finish it ? Maybe you can trade it for a piece of new fabrics ?

Cher said...

interesting recycle of musical instruments...always fun to see what other folks consider art.

woof nanny said...

I think the elephant is adorable. I love folk art.