Wednesday, August 09, 2006

on comments

Wow I got some great comments - from both ends of the spectrum - so I will reply here with extra yadda yadda on the subject.

1. I own 90% of Judy Martin's books (I even have at least 1 Judy Martin UFO and 1 Judy Martin PIGs - scroll down to Riverbed) so I you can extrapolate that to mean that I really like her style.

2. I am on her e-mail list which is how I found out about the quilts for sale.
BTW a few years ago (I think) she offered to sell some tops (from the older books where you did not have to have the quilt quilted to publish it... you know the "dark ages" right after the advent of rotary cutters) - she did not price them or say which ones were for sale. (I made an offer, but the one that I wanted was one of Steves favorites, so it was not for sale. At the time I thought that was the only way that I was going to get a "flat/Square" quilt - now I don't care!)

3. I would love to own any quilt that has been made by anyone - famous just adds to the pot. If I purchased it or was gifted it. I would still use it. (If I get the condo that I made an offer on& I purchased the hot pink, purple & yellow Judy Martin quilt, it would hang in the hall way headed to the bed rooms.) With that said, of all of her patterns, that is not one that I actually want to make myself.

In a similar vein, once upon a time ago I wanted an Amish quilt. (I live close enough that I have been to Lancaster County, PA numerous times even BQ) In my mind it would be the perfect "souvenier" but boy are they pricey. Then I started to quilt... & was told, "You can make your own." I don't want to! I don't care to do the pieceing or the extensive hand quilting... I finally purchased a authentic Amish Quilt - Sunshine & Shadows in purples and blacks, it's not an antique & it is not necessarily "heirloom quality" but stylistically it is exactly what I wanted. So now I don't "have to" make an Amish quilt. I'll share a photo later.... (BTW The price was one that I could not pass up - it is a quuen sized quilt & was realtively cheap!)

4. Hmmm, If I hadn't seen it would I have wanted it... YES! I could almost say that any quilt that has been made by _____ (insert the quilters name) I would want - I can also almost add sight unseen! I am not a Thimbleberries gal per se, but if Lynette Jensen was selling her quilts (that she pieced) at a bargain price I would want one of them too!

5. Shelina reiterated my gut reaction - who that is a great price! (I have been to quilt consignment shops where quilts by non-published quilters sell for more that what a nationally know quilter is selling them for...) & Susan made the points that immediately came to my mind.

6. But Mary & I made a silent deal, she won't buy the one that she likes & I won't buy the one that I like - this time! :o)


Mary Johnson said...

Keith will be glad we decided NOT to buy them - this time!

sewprimitive karen said...

A small question, Amy (oh and enjoyed your email): what is BQ?

Anonymous said...

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