Thursday, August 31, 2006

I almost squeeled in delight

So I was reading my bloglines & feeling blue because of my commenting situation. (I am trying to be judicious since it is tiring to go through so many darn hoops to get it to post, sorry to whinge again.)

The I saw a post on Fiona's blog that I could not ignore (sorry no hyperlink - I am not there yet with all of my frazzled feelings about blogger/blogging & other "real life" stuff.) about tea.

You see, I have a tin of Yorkshire Gold tea right here at my desk. I though the coincidence was worth mentioning! (So I did!)
& I had to jump through a few hoops to do so (but not as many as yesterday...)

After once success I was feeling better about my blogging abilities & decided to leave a note for Tazzie - NO PROBLEMS! Blogger even left me "signed in." So I almost squeeled in delight. :o)

Now that is something to be thankful for! (Off to try to blog in Picasa.)


McIrish Annie said...

please let me know if picasa works with the new and not really improved blogger!! I find that's the only way to get my pics to post>. we from old blogger are also jumping through more hoops to comment on New blogger pages.. Do you think it's a conspiracy?? are we commenting too much and tiring blogger out???!

Libby said...

Glad to hear you experienced a slight improvement. I enjoy being able to use Picassa, unless it eats my entire post *argh* Maybe it will all sort out in a day or so.

Fiona said...

You see, tea is the panacea of all evils, it even works on blogger!