Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Answer

It's an Answer blog since I can not reply via e-mail (insert Snarky comment!).

Picasa appears to be stuck in "old blogger" & the "old blogger" is bye bye. No I can not go back to old blogger - or I would be soooooooo there.

I a seriously considering a different blog format - maybe the kind that diary of a mad fabri-holic has?

I almost squeeled in delight

So I was reading my bloglines & feeling blue because of my commenting situation. (I am trying to be judicious since it is tiring to go through so many darn hoops to get it to post, sorry to whinge again.)

The I saw a post on Fiona's blog that I could not ignore (sorry no hyperlink - I am not there yet with all of my frazzled feelings about blogger/blogging & other "real life" stuff.) about tea.

You see, I have a tin of Yorkshire Gold tea right here at my desk. I though the coincidence was worth mentioning! (So I did!)
& I had to jump through a few hoops to do so (but not as many as yesterday...)

After once success I was feeling better about my blogging abilities & decided to leave a note for Tazzie - NO PROBLEMS! Blogger even left me "signed in." So I almost squeeled in delight. :o)

Now that is something to be thankful for! (Off to try to blog in Picasa.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One more whinge (Australian for complaint)

99% of my comments are No-reply@blogger instead of you e-mail address... So I may not be replying to your e-mails directly... cr@p!

FUMING - I am absolutely fuming.

Why again did I change?

Oh yeah, I am not sure if Picasa will work with this "new" (Not improved) version....

Have I mentioned....

Have I mentioned that I HATE (& I don't just throw that word around - I use dislike) blogger beta?

I don't like what I have to do to get to the "dashboard." (I can't describe it, but it was more intuitive the old way.)

I really hate trying to leave comments.

I have to "sign in" EVERY TIME.

Then they don't like what I did & I go to a different page because "this blog does not accept anonymous comments." HELLO I tried to sign in.

Then they want me to sign in with my google account. HELLO is that not what I just did?

Then I get to a "this page can not be displayed" error page. That I close out of, then I go back to "try again" because I had something to say - might not have been profound, but darn it, I had something to say. To find that my comment was there...

Go to the next blog and REPEAT!


I can not say that I would suggest moving to blogger beta....

ugh & double ugh

Why did I change to beta blogger? I hate change!

Ernesto is promising to rain all over my Chihuly experience....

2 ughs!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Which photo?

Which photo would be best for a landscape?

London Bridge?
An unidentified location on The Great Ocean Road?
Part of the Twelve Apostles? Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

Quilt(s) with a story....

Back to Project Spectrum Orange...

So I decided to do bull's eye flower blocks. Blocks mostly done & set aside to "mature."

Last week (or the week before) I decided to get them to at least a top.

I have 40 blocks that would be a 5x8 layout - no problem.

Unlike most quilters, I don't like to join long rows, I prefer to make 2 patches, then 4 patches, etc. With the 5x8 layout, I needed to keep a few sepatate for 1 long row to join to the part that I would assemble in the manner that I prefer. O.K. I have four 4x4 units and two 1x4 units & The light bulb goes off! Make two 4x5 units, then join them together to make a 5x8 top.

I made it and it really seemed long and skinny.... So I set it aside for the night. On the middle of the night, I dreamed of makeing two 4x5 tops instead. I prefer "fat" to "Skinny" when it comes to quilts. (I have a skinny rag quilt, it is toasty until you roll over!)

So I count blocks to find the mid point. 1, 2... 8, 9 - WHAT THE HE..! I made a 4x10 instead of 5x8, no wonder it was long and skinny.

So I unsew and resew a 5x8 top. (Still skinny, but not so long....)

So I unsewed again and now I have two 4x5 tops. (Ready to become gifts...)

Up till Friday night, I had a pile of orange flower blocks, I joined them up to 4 patches so that I could scatter the leaves about and overlap a few seams. (That made "unsewing" tricky - I had to "find" the seams that did not have leaves.)
I am very happy with the scrappy background (My answer when a pattern calls for "4 yards of muslin.") the flowers, and the leaves!
Finally the border that still needs to be added to the two quilts. :o)

Oh, I also PACKED a lot & shopped a bit this past weekend.

The condo appraised for "enough." so we are 1 step closer to home-ownership. :o) Posted by Picasa

Md. State Fair

It has already been said around blogville, but it is fair time and it is no different here in Maryland. These two quilts were doen by my friend Genie.

Congrats on the ribbons & a fine showing at the state fair!

(Now I need to go to see them in person.)
As you can see, she made the tradidtional Baltimore Album Quilt (BAQ)all her own! That is her house in the middle & they own a farm, hence the cow & chickens.

I have a BAQ UFO - mine is on point, and has a heart/cat theme. I also did a lot of the paper cut type blocks... (Kind of like the cow block - only with a cat in the middle... - the border of that block is a paper cut type block. The reverse applique heart next to the cow block - I did both versions of that block, that is also a paper cut block - while I am at it, I did the one next to that too...) Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

just a couple of things

These quilts are from a local quilt show that I attended quite a while ago by now... (So long I don't remember which one - maybe Annapolis) Sorry no makers information either...

I bet you can't tell why I took this photo. It wasn't the Ginko leaves, although I like them too... (I also like the border print.)
The cat's pyjammas - I saw that pattern once upon a time ago & even considered doing one of these myself... (I am happy enough to see it.)

I also thought I would query what people are doing for Labor Day - if it is a holiday for you... Around here it is a mixed blessing, yeah it is nice to have a day off, but September is very busy around here... Also Some people who do not have the day off, have to take it off becasue it is a school holiday, in some cases just a few days after school started!

Michael &I have been planning to go to NYC to see his family and the Chihuly exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Since making the decision to see the exhibit, it has been a comedy of errors...
First, our original date had to be changed because of Michael's work.
Second, Michael's mom has had to have surgery & a second surgery to fix a mistake (& possibly a third.) Thankfully she is o.k. considering. But prior to her surgeries, Michael got tickets for her - now her have a couple extra tickets...
Third, we found a condo to purchase & all that that entails.
Fourth, our usual bus transportation is having legal issues - they now have a new location, that is not as convenient for us, we have reservations on a different bus, there is a third bus that Michael is looking into, etc.
Fifth, the cat boarding timing may now be very close instead of just close... Like Michael even suggested dropping them off a day early.

That is enough, right?

This weekend, I'll be packing. I hope to hire movers for the 16th or 17th of September. :o)

Oh I feel so much better getting all of that out into the open. (In the old days before the "No shopping in August" I would have been consoling myself in the fabric store.) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funky Fish (A new quilt!)

This about 1/2 of the quilt. (The two fish in the middle that about to kiss are the center point.) This was a BOM at a LQS in about 1999. Luckily, my friend had the patterns. I did most of the fishes & as you can see I did some in multiples. Like the 4 "stripped bass" in the top right corner of this photo. My choices were based upon the fabrics in my stash. (I havd 4 of thise stripes, so I made 4 fish.) The BOM had individual blocks & some of the fish had "accessories" like goggles that I left off. I also did not do the big frog with a fishing pole... I guess I'm not a rule follower... :o) The over all size is generous twin. (I cut 6 yards of the water print in 1/2 and then sewed them together - much like the way you piece a back.)
close-up of one fishies... (The eyes are ultra suede.) I used Sharon Malec's applique technique. (She does a glues basted prepared method with the freezer paper on top.) On the very edge near the piano key border, you might be able to see a couple "orange" quilted fishies... The rest of the quilting was done using a sulky thread that had some glint to it - kind of like light reflecting on water. (I used it for the machine applique too.) That quilting has a watery appearance and goes over the appliques so that the fish look like they are in the water. The borders are quilted with pebbley texture. The binding is a "monet" landscape that has a lot of green and blue - I like the way is pushes the envelope on what "goes" with the quilt.
This is 1/2 of the back. I used a realistic fish print to contrast with the funky appliqued fishies. I also used my leftovers from the border... I pulled all of my scraps (Some from the fish, some from "bricks swaps" and some from other bright projects.) and trimmed them to 4.5 inches wide (A "brick" is 2.5 x 4.5 - hence the 4.5 measurement) and sewed them together. I apparently sewed too many for the borders - so voila, ! add them to the back.

Here is a closer view of the back. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

another virtual quilt show

The Austin Texas quilt guild has an extensive website, including quite a few photos of their "Opportunity Quilts" and about 3 years worth of quilt show winners...

I removed the "fun" post with the maps... they messed up my blog by moving my sidebar stuff to the bottom of the page...

I did something quilty last night... I pressed my Project Spectrum Orange (Bulls eye flowers) quilt so that I can finish piecing the top before my move. :o)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Improvisational piecing

O.K. maybe it is just me...

Are Tonya's Letters, Buggy Barn, and Stargazey all coming from the "no seam allowance" school of piecing? After trying my buggy barn cats (once) I have been paralyzed...

(I have also been busy with "other stuff, but...)

I need to sit down one day with my book, iron, cutting mat, etc. all set up to work on this project & that just hasn't been happening. And since I don't feel comfy doing it like I do my other piecing - a lot of piecing one day, pressing another, etc. I have not been sewing at all...

Any words of wisdom? pep talk? motivational speaches?

Monday, August 21, 2006


I Heart bloglines!

I was completely away from reading my blogs (126 feeds) for the better part of a week (7 days).

I am not sure how many new posts there were - some came in as I was reading - in total, but many people posted more than once a day & several others were fairly close to once a day while others still were near a couple times during the week & others managed 1 posting (Only a few were at 0 - they too must have been away fromt he computer) So you have an idea...

I am all caught up! :o)

Now I will pay for my obsessive-compulsive behavior by staying late to do work. (Don't tell my boss.)

Virtual quilt show

I am blog hopping (still) and am sharing a few links to web pages or to actual blogs of quilt shows...

This was obviously one awesome quilt show. If you like Texana, there are several here especially for you. Enjoy.

European quilt show.

Seattle area quilt show (two different permalinks, same blog.)


GUSH warning

My big helper kitty, Rhythm & Blues. AKA RB, but knows Arb for when he is being a holy terror. Isn't he cute? I had to start a new box for my books so that he would not have to move... Rhapsody was not interested in the boxes...

August no buy up date: I met with my mini-group in the back of a quilt shop no less & did not buy anything! (I was tempted buy the large selection of golds... Not sure why, but I was...) I try to buy stuff there because they host our group monthly for FREE! They had a lot of the fabric that was too much of a temptation for Patti. But not the polka dots that I liked. (yet. The owner thinks they ordered the whole line.)
In the begining, I was going to share 6 very similar photos of my helper kitty. Yes, he is sitting on some of my quilt books.

Back to quilting... Judy of Quilting with Ragdolls fame has finally shared the "whole" quilt that is made up of funny shaped - tumblers - blocks. YAY Isn't it lovely...

A little over a week ago, I chatted about those taupes and my glorious plans for using my collection...If you look at the "Whole" Quilt that I linked to above and then find the block that is in the third row from the bottom & is the second one from the left, you will see TINY tumblers. Well as fate would have it, one of my friends has this very BOM - I am not sure that she is or ever will make it, but she has it... & she let me borrow that "thimble" acrylic template since as I mentioned previously, that is on my "I want to do" list. (too bad it is tertiary for that fabric collection...) Maybe I'll breakdown when we get into the new condo....
Speaking of, What can/should I use for a design wall? (Something that I can buy at Lowes or Home Depot preferred & that will only be semi-permanent. I thought homosote, but I was told that it is hard to pin into.)

While I may not be commenting, I am almost caught up with my blog reading... I am loving all of the 1 hour a day variations that you gals are making!

Thanks for all of the great comments. (I pointed out the errors more for my benefit that anything else, but I'll leave them out next time. Maybe.)
 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two quilty posts in 1 day. Why not?

Ugh, while I can get picassa to post for me, I can not rearrange the photos... (No cut & paste mode...)

So this is the back... It originally was going to be a top, but it never "grew enough" along with some other "issues." (Down the center, do you see the striped prints coming together? That wasn't supposed to happen...)
Aww those are kitties... Those kitties are the reason why this quilt top became a back... :o) I could not toss them when the original quilt growing and came together in a manner that I was not happy with. Luckily I had enough of the blue stripe to add it all around. You can see the center stripe issue more clearly in this close-up shot, huh?
And finally, the top. This is a Fons & Porter pattern - from their Fat Quarter Friendly book. (I think - I was not able to find it on their website...) I had just taken a workshop on how to use the Square in a Square ruler & we did a Storm at Sea. Not my favorite technique - wasteful and full of bias. Just my opinion. As you can see it was accurate...

(I gave the class specimin - complete with the heart that I fussily pieced into it. Did you know that you could piece a heart complette with the round top bits into a Storm at Sea quilt? This pattern is very versatile that way. To my sister as a wedding gift.)

I have a couple of oopses (you can see one in the top left corner - the green and yellows got reversed. They should have been similar to the pink/purple on the opposite top corner) and as a more seasoned quilter, I would have used some solid black & maybe some solid white instead of all black on white for the background. I still get mesmerized and follow the colors around the quilt...

Judy quilted this one... (I hope to finish piecing the next quilt that I am sending off to her today during my mini-group meeting.) Posted by Picasa

A definate Un-Amy quilt...

I actually like this quilt. It was my second Trip Around the World (TATW). I pieced it the old fashioned way - 1 square at a time. :o) Also that narrow inner border - I "messed up" everytime (I measured how long the pieced should be incorrectly about 8 times total!), but it is a hand dyed and was very forgiving. The outer border is a commercially printed fabric that I found after I pieced the top - amazing when you see how well they match - even in real life! Don't you feel better knowing that I did not do the equavalent of crumb piecing with my scraps! Another couple of notes: this piece used both hand dyeds and commercially printed fabrics in the body & border. One of the commercially printed fabrics gradiated from dark to light - I used the darkest parts and the lightest parts in this piece. As a matter of fact, the darkest/biggest round is that fabric (the lightest part is near the striped fabric). I have no idea what happened to the mediums. :o)

I had seen a TATW in a magazine that had fish and seaweed and stuff appliqued on top of it and that was my plan with this quilt, only after all of the effort that I put into piecing this there was no way that I was going to applique on top of it!

So the fishies are on the back. (One of my first non-muslin backs.) I was actually going to try to "broidery perse" them onto the top in a pleasing manner - can you say UFO... That is exactly what would have happened! Instead I have a beautiful "art quilt." Hey, it hangs on my wall as art...

Also on the back you can see some of Judy's quilting.

no lable... but I made this in about 2001/2002. I call it "A Trip Around the Ocean." Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

off line...

Wow, at this training center there is only 1 PC for student use with a 5 minute limit per person... so I will probably be more limited than I originally thought...

I hope all are well. My you have no seams to unsew. :o)

See you in a week.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

some forgotten photos

These photos are from the Alexandris Waterfront Festival. I thought this was a completely quirky way to reuse instruments. (My hubby the music guy was less than impressed.)

Anyway, I am blogging again because Mary had me convinced to share the photos from the listing of our condo. (I can't!)

Also I forgot one more thing - that I have apparently forgotten again. GRRR!

I am not a "folk-artist" everytime I look at that basket I say, "ugh." It is am old UFO - I took the class at the Road to California quilt show - several years ago. :o) (I can't remeber the teachers name, but she did the "Conway Album, I'm not from Baltimore.") I am thinking a heart with our names would be more "me." I actually wish I was not so darm happy with the sharks tooth border or I would chop the darn thing in 1/2! (Maybe I will do that - you know figuring out how to get the teeth right... & chopping it in 1/2.) Life is too short & my quilt list is too long to hold onto quilt projects that I am no longer in LOVE with.

That remended me about what I forgot earlier. My arm should be out of joint from patting myself on the back - equilter had kitties on sale & I was not even tempted to break my "no-buy" pledge. (Even thought I was tempted to buy several of them at full price! The minimum of 1 yard is what did it.) Also I have a GC to a local quilt shop & I am still saving that too. :o)

Oh yeah - I do not "heart" blogger. He is not playing nice. YAY for Picasa. Posted by Picasa

My brain is broken!

I am too damn "in the middle" to be suffering from "old timers."

I forgot to thank everyone for the well wishes/congrats. about our new home. (The inspection went well yesterday.)

I also forgot to mention that I will be in training next week. Yes, I have had a heck of a lot of training in a fairly short period of time. They had issues with the start time for the classes, I was left off of a class list & the class filled-up with out me, I was in Australia for two weeks, the classes were scheduled only every so often, I could not take 2 at the same time, I can not take one in September, they all have to be finished by the end of September, so mine got all bunched up together... Oh well.

This class is in a "new to me" location, so I do not know if I will have computer access to keep up with blogging or not... (I can read some e-mail from my cell phone - text only.)

Back to the condo (the seller had another offer that got kicked out and that seller is still willing to buy if anthing happens to our offer - the market is slow, but this place is exceptional for the area/price) I will not be sharing photos from the listing... I will however try to get empty and filled shots... (That might motivate me to unpack everything - something I have not done in almost a decade!)

Also on the home front - we are moving from a studio apartment (I have been in master suites that are bigger...) into a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo... so the bed will go in the master bedroom, the table will go in the quilt studio, and we are inheriting a dinette. With that said, Michael & I are looking to buy a living room set... Luckily we have similar taste... :o)

I hope that is all that my brain forgot the first time... (I need to catch up at work before I get behind again & I have a date with my GF in Baltimore... UGH, I have already spent too much time on the computer.)

O! O! O! I forgot - I started to sew my buggy barn cats last night - Uck! (I then read how to sew them & then proceeded to unsew everthing I sewed together. This will be my first & last Buggy Barn quilt!)

O.K. brain, have you remembered anything else?

Round Robin....

Kim the Computer Peach is hostessing an Ostrich Robin & I am joining. I apparently don't have enough UFO's, WIP's, PIGs, etc. Not to mention moving, returning to school, etc.

Oh well, I was going to use a different cat block, but she is hiding...

So I will use this tiny paper pieced cat. And end up with a small quilt.

But Amy you hate to paper piece! Yes, I do, but I went to a guild show once and a gal was demo-ing Paper Piecing and she gave me this block. >^..^< I photographed it on my June Taylor Cut and Press, so that you can see the dimensions (@5 x 6) I think I will trim it some as that pink is a huge border for the tiny block.

I was going to use this (when I first could not find the cat) but it is too big... I have it here becasue I "NEED" some advice...

Should I remove the basket? I think I can add the funky tulips down below between the other tulips... (Would I need anything to replace the basket?)

FYI it says Baruch Habah in Hebrew - colloquially in English - Welcome. (The literal translation is "bless those who enter" only in singlar... there would be an "im" at the end of both words for the plural... So apparently I am only inviting 1 person at a time...) Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Daiwabo Taupes - Edited

What is a Daiwabo Taupe? (You can read all about it by clicking...) A lot of people don't "get it" but it "got me!"

Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls posted about her Pinwheels Taupe BOM quilt. I also purchased some of these taupes. I saw them and liked them, but did not get much. I saw them again & really liked them so I got more - enough for at least a twin sized quilt. And then I saw the star fabric (that you can see in these fat 1/8th packs in different colors & now that I looked again you can see them here better...) & I went nuts! I bought at least 1 yard of each of the stars and closer to 4 of several of them. (I also got some 1/4 yard cuts at the tiny quilt shop in NYC.)

I plan to use these to make a traditional churn dash quilt. Like this one only scrappy! OOPS I meant Card Tricks. :o)

With the leftovers, I plan to make a quilt that is in the current "Quilt It" a special publication by QNM that is a 9 patch with dresden plates that look like asters.

I also think that they would look great in this quilt that Laurie Ann at Quilting Rush posted about back in June that she saw on a shop hop pink and brown quilt . This quilt sang to me immediatetly! And I think taupe fabrics would look great in a tumbler quilt like the one that Dawn at Quilts and Pieces shared.

I need to finish a few UFO's first, but I am SOOOOO ready to work with my taupes.

Home-ownership here we come!

The offer we made on a condominium in Montgomery County, Maryland was accepted. Barring any major incidents, we will settle on September 15th!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are you or will you be in Virginia?

My husband just sent me this! :o)

March 18 through December 3, 2006 in Richmond, VA Quilts of the Old Dominion
Sponsor: Virginia Historical Society/VA Consortium of Quilters
Cost: $3-5 (students, seniors, adults) Free Sunday
Comments: Quilts made in Virginia before 1900 on display with modern quilts to show variation in technique. There are three separate rotations of quilts, please see our website for dates.

Virginia also has a Quilt Museum. Well worth seeing especially in the fall since Sky Line Drive is close to the museum. Also near there and really neat is Luray Caverns.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

on comments

Wow I got some great comments - from both ends of the spectrum - so I will reply here with extra yadda yadda on the subject.

1. I own 90% of Judy Martin's books (I even have at least 1 Judy Martin UFO and 1 Judy Martin PIGs - scroll down to Riverbed) so I you can extrapolate that to mean that I really like her style.

2. I am on her e-mail list which is how I found out about the quilts for sale.
BTW a few years ago (I think) she offered to sell some tops (from the older books where you did not have to have the quilt quilted to publish it... you know the "dark ages" right after the advent of rotary cutters) - she did not price them or say which ones were for sale. (I made an offer, but the one that I wanted was one of Steves favorites, so it was not for sale. At the time I thought that was the only way that I was going to get a "flat/Square" quilt - now I don't care!)

3. I would love to own any quilt that has been made by anyone - famous just adds to the pot. If I purchased it or was gifted it. I would still use it. (If I get the condo that I made an offer on& I purchased the hot pink, purple & yellow Judy Martin quilt, it would hang in the hall way headed to the bed rooms.) With that said, of all of her patterns, that is not one that I actually want to make myself.

In a similar vein, once upon a time ago I wanted an Amish quilt. (I live close enough that I have been to Lancaster County, PA numerous times even BQ) In my mind it would be the perfect "souvenier" but boy are they pricey. Then I started to quilt... & was told, "You can make your own." I don't want to! I don't care to do the pieceing or the extensive hand quilting... I finally purchased a authentic Amish Quilt - Sunshine & Shadows in purples and blacks, it's not an antique & it is not necessarily "heirloom quality" but stylistically it is exactly what I wanted. So now I don't "have to" make an Amish quilt. I'll share a photo later.... (BTW The price was one that I could not pass up - it is a quuen sized quilt & was realtively cheap!)

4. Hmmm, If I hadn't seen it would I have wanted it... YES! I could almost say that any quilt that has been made by _____ (insert the quilters name) I would want - I can also almost add sight unseen! I am not a Thimbleberries gal per se, but if Lynette Jensen was selling her quilts (that she pieced) at a bargain price I would want one of them too!

5. Shelina reiterated my gut reaction - who that is a great price! (I have been to quilt consignment shops where quilts by non-published quilters sell for more that what a nationally know quilter is selling them for...) & Susan made the points that immediately came to my mind.

6. But Mary & I made a silent deal, she won't buy the one that she likes & I won't buy the one that I like - this time! :o)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

check this out

Free Judy Martin BOM. I think her BOM's are to be treated as individual blocks, not as a series that will come together later...

Save me from myself! Judy Martin is selling some of her quilts! I want this one. I think the price is reasonable, I love the colors, etc. TALK ME OUT OF IT!

(I know I am trying to buy a house, I know I need furniture to fill said house - but I just paid off my last credit card bill & my car note!)

I also know that I own several tops that I plan to pay to have quilted....

I like this one too... (But I can't "afford" that one, I was hoping they would all be close to this price so that I would not be tempted...)

I need a cure for QUILTPOX! send a Rx to: Amy in Washington DC (for now - maybe Maryland soon.)

No SA comments from my husband....

Another MEME

Again I got this from DebR - quite a while ago (On July 7 if you care to read her answers - that is part of the fun of MEME's!). Take it if you want it (but link back to me...) or if you don't have anything to say, but want to blog. (I wanted to report something quilty... I also wanted to make a quilty goal for tonight, but I have class... So a MEME it is!)

This one should be easier for those who need more that 1 word... But it may take longer....

Countdown, Take Two

10 Favorites
Favorite Season: Fall - love the colors!
Favorite Color: blue & purple (I can't really choose between the two)
Favorite Time: When I wake up early and can go back to sleep - for hours instead of for a quick snooze or 2
Favorite Food: Miso Soup - but it doesn't agree with me....
Favorite Drink: soda
Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate peanut butter cup by Turkey Hill
Favorite Place: where I can quilt...
Favorite Sport: to watch: Ice Skating
Favorite Actor: Matt Damon (I guess)
Favorite Actress: Scarlett Johansson

9 Currents
Current Feeling: anxious
Current Drink: diet cream soda
Current Time: 11:00 a.m. EST August 8, 2006
Current Show on TV: Does the TV turn on this early?
Current Mobile used: Don't know, Don't care as long as it works.
Current Windows Open: Inbox (work e-mail) word, a work program, yahoo mail, blogger
Current Underwear: white granny panties - from the plastic baggie 6 pack....
Current Clothes: Cords, Birks, Australia "polo"
Current Thought: "Is anyone reading this at all interested in these answers?" Ditto Deb's answer!

8 Firsts
First Nickname: Bozo...
First Kiss: my neighbor when I was about 15
First Crush: Ricky Schroeder
First Best Friend: Christie V.
First Vehicle I Drove: 1990 Honda Accord - in 1990! (It belonged to my boyfriend at the time... I got my license at 16 - the only birthday present that I wanted, my dad would not let me drive after that, hence the 1990 era Honda.)
First Job: I am not going to count baby sitting becasue getting a couple bucks for watching 2 kids for HOURS can not count! Pizza Hut
First Date: Patrick "Pat" C.
First Pet: I vaguely remember Buffy & ChinChoo - Shit-zus

7 Lasts
Last Drink: Diet Rite Black Cherry (I know too much soda!)
Last Kiss: I got a kitty kiss form RB when I was petting him while trying to leave in time to catch the bus...
Last Meal: I am eating my lunch as I type - cheese sandwich, soy chips, cherries
Last Web Site Visited: an unfinished furniture site (Putting the proverbial "cart before the horse" - yes that is me!)
Last Film Watched: Roger and Me - last night it was the current blockbuster version of netflicks flick to land in my mail box
Last Phone Call: hubby - I did not answer his e-mail quick enough!
Last TV show Watched: Hell's Kitchen

6 Have You Evers
Have You Ever Broken the Law: yes (I have a lead foot!)
Have You Ever Been Drunk: yes (I even got sick as a result!)
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: no
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire: yes
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: no
Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart: yes

5 Things
Things You Can Hear Right Now: the AC in my office and the cars whizzing by outside
Things On Your Bed: the normal bed stuff - all fresh and clean & probably two cats!
Things You Ate Today: Slimfast shake for breakfast, cheese sandwich, soy chips - about to eat some cherries
Things You Wouldn't Want to Live Without: family, friends, cats, internet, quilting...
Things You Do When You Are Bored: watch TV....

4 Places You Have Been Today
Executive Deli for my morning cuppa ($1.10 - for my hubby's info.)
my office
my closet - ahem apartment
someone elses office in my suite

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
just 3?
My office suppy caddie
more folders/files that you can shake a stick at!
fabric bowl that my friend made

2 Choices
Black or White: Black
Hot or Cold: cold - bring on FALL!

1 Place You Want To Visit
Until very recently I would say Australia hands down - now I have to say Australia again or Alaska as some place new.

If you read all the way through without falling asleep - Thanks! Try it you will like it!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Boys of Summer

This photo is from last year, but the players are the same as is the location & the two teams...

My friend Vanessa works for the Orioles during the season & is able to get complimentary tickets. So I take my husband to see the Yankees once a year.

So on Sunday, that is what we did. However, Vanessa had to work this year...

We also went to JoAnnes & I did not buy any fabric, I wasn't even tempted! I was going to buy a new pair of scissors - 48% off coupon... But I got a new magazine instead! The 9-patch special by Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. But my copy did not come with the center pullout...

Also at JoAnns, I got one of those cute bistro patio sets - might have jinxed myself there...

The only quilting that went on this weekend, was that I traced my Buggy Barn crazy cats pattern onto freezer paper and cut them out! (I am hoping that the buggy barn patterns are as forgiving as they appear as I know some of my lines are "off.") The best part, while I was cutting the pattern, I was able to trim a nice amount off of the sides for Tonya lettersPosted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

A question....

A question that needs to be answered has been posed by Andrea. If you don't do anything else bloggy today, please go over and give her your answer! (I shared the article by Bonnie with her & my thoughts.) Especially if you are an "art quilter" as I did not even begin to cover that part of the spectrum.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

As if I need a new quilt pattern...

I am in love with Rebecca's Sunflowers quilt! I also like the inspiration piece.

Truth be told though, I have a CW repro version of that basic design as a UFO... (I have all of my pieced triangles, I just need to cut my solid triangles and get back to piecing it together....) Dawn has one started & she shared photos of Lucy's and Bonnie's.

Mine is "similar" to those three & I am using Fons and Porter's pattern.

"Similar" = mine uses strings of varying widths I think Dawn, Bonnie, Lucy, Rebecca & Fons and Porter used strips....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On blogging

In a minute ago has a great blog up on blogging... it really made me think, much the way recent blogs on stash/scrap quilts, fabric depression, quilter types, etc. have made me think...

She, not unlike others, replies to comments in the comments... Which is o.k., it is just not me... I really like to reply to comments individually - fostering communication... without the social barriers that a public viewing would create. If I feel the comment was a question that many would like to hear about - then I'll blog it and be thankful for the fodder... However, many bloggers are not set up for the reply to comments - their e-mail comes through are a no reply address. Again, not me, but not everyone has to be like me.

I reply when & how I want, others are more judicious (right word?)...

At any rate, I appreciate all of the comments, even if I do not reply back to you... (I did however probably leave a comment on your blog...)

More on blogging can be read at Whipup... Not to mention this great exercize in color. Very cool. (I am going to peruse this blog some more...)

Yes, I am one of those bloggers who reads a lot of blogs even if the specific topic is not my thing - knitting for example. I love it, love to look at it, love to own it, gather inspiration form it, just don't do it. I am a quilter... (Who happens to still own a few cross-stitch items from a past crafty life - just in case...)

Stash Quilt or Scrap Quilt

Nancy replied to a question with her answers on this subject - here is my own evolving answer. What do you think?

Stash Quilt - A quilt made from fabrics on hand. For me this is usually a limited number of fabrics quilt. For example, I have a selection of 4 purples - gradiated from light to dark - that will become a quilt. Since those 4 purples have been in my posession for a few years, they are part of my stash. Since it is only 4 fabrics it is not scrappy. A lot of my quilt are stash quilts & scrappy... I don't gravitate to the limited number of fabrics quilts. (Although I/you could go to the store buy 3 fabrics and run home & make a quilt with those fabrics. It wouldn't be a stash quilt, but it would have a limited number of fabrics...) My personal stash can not handle the limited number of fabrics quilt patterns, because I tend to buy 1/2 yards or fat quarters, because I love the variety. In my quilts, I would rather use a dozen darks, instead of just one.

Scrap Quilt - I guess technically a scrap is the left-overs from one project kept to be used in another project... O.K. I have done that. I have projects planned using that theory, but I also am free to cut a piece from this fabric and that fabric and make a scrap quilt... I wish I knew the "number" of fabrics that is takes for a quilt (stash or otherwise) to become a scrappy quilt, because evertime I think about it, the main difference for me is that a scrap quilt has more fabrics in it than a stash quilt. My green zipper quilt is a scrappy quilt, but all of those fabrics excluding the border came from my stash. (blushing in embarrassment - but I did inherit a few.) The star quilt that you also see in that post is also scrappy & aside form the background was also from my stash. On the other hand, "Violet Crumble" is scrappy but only 1/2 stash. I bought a few fat quarters before looking to see what I had on hand - which is my NUMBER 1 reason for joining the fabric depression.

Quilt Pixie is also chatting... here is my take on the Fabric Depression of August 2006. This depression for me is not so much as blue period as it is reminiscent of a time in our collective past when most people were not able to run to several quilt shops to buy fabric willy nilly. In my family, we have a qult that my great-grandmother made either during or just prior to the other "great depression." My grandmother can pick out fabrics that she remembers being in her clothes. (These scraps were most likely leftovers, not recycled form the actual outfit.) My great grand-mother may have purchased the muslin background, but it is doubt ful that she purchsed any of the other bits... I am participating in honor/remembrance of that history.

Not to mention that I have "enough" fabric...

I could say more, but I would end up going in circles... (note the parenthetical aside typed in brown above.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All buttoned up

I'm all buttoned up, so it is official. This should not be too hard... I only made minimal purchases in July as it is. & I only see one day out of 31 being particularly difficult for me. The day my mini-group meets in the back of a quilt shop...

Oh yeah, I am bound to be stressed to the max this month - trying to buy a house and all... (NO EXCUSES!)

I forgot, thanks Peach for the button. I was going to use the big one, but I want a regular reminder - like my "Would it kill ya to comment" button. So thanks for the options too!