Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Touring out of Melbourne

Instead of a half-day tour of the city, Michael & I upgraded to an all day tour through the Dandenong Ranges & the Yarra Valley. These shots are in Sherbrooke Forest.

This lovely bird is a Crimson Rosella. Yes he is on my hand, yes I am feedinging him bird seed (not something that I usually do, but...) and yes, I did take the picture myself of my hand with the bird - not any easy shot, but this was the very begining and I did not know how long it would last....
Another shot with another Crimson Rosella... This is one of my favorite shots of myself.
Not sure the variety of this bird... (Some strangers hand...) Hopefully Gina & her husband can ID him. Gina came through, this is a King Parrot.

We were on a bus tour & stopped here for Lamingtons, Billy tea, & vegemite... The lamingons were good and the tea was better - it was a tad chilly... You can keep your vegemite. :o) I had tried it previously, it is horribly salty... (Kind of like marmite.) Posted by Picasa

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Gina E. said...

The large red and green bird is called a "King Parrot". They are lovely, aren't they - as are the Crimson Rosellas. ALL our birds are lovely - lol!