Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quilty post number two

My green Project Spectrum quilt, "Zipper"! (The backing is a different print of those funky cats in the border in flannel. The quilting will be cats....) I am blogging in Picassa, so I can't retrieve the "free" quilting pattern to hyper link it - but I will try to blog it in my next post.
A close up of the "zipper." Love that Jan Mullen print in the corner. She put out that line just before i got into quilting & more specifically BRIGHTS! Luckily there is a shop somewhat near me that a nice selection of her prints still available. But I still get a twinge of "I wish I had that fabric" when I see a different color way in someone elses quilt! I am using this fabric and most of my other Mullen prints in a pieced cats quilt... FUN! & Funky. The kitty next to the Jan Mullen prin that looks like he was disceted with my scraps - pure happenstance! My only goal was to have all of the kitties standing up. I added in the scraps for interest and to keep from making "franken kitties" - I was about 75% successful - there are a few seams that i forgot about & when I finally got around to bordering this quilt - I wasn't going to fuss with it anymore.

My wedding signatures quilt. This is the one that I talked about yesterday that I am less than satisfied about the border on.... My solid inner border would be the red that the the flowers are - it will be the binding. (BTW The backing is the border print.) All os the fabrics in this quilt are batiks. I got the pattern from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. The only difference in layout is that I have a lot of extra triangles on the edge - they had more "blank space." I am not sure if I am 100% happy with my modification or not, but I am not changing it! Posted by Picasa


Shelina said...

Amy, the catprint is a fun and funky print for the border. And quilting cats on it will definitely add to the charm.

I really like your stars. I've seen that recently in Gwen Marston's book and am contemplating adding that to my to do list. I really like your color selection and layout on it.

Susan H. said...

I love the border on the first one!: :-) But I have to agree with you that the border on the second one just doesn't look right. I'm thinking the prints in the top are bolder and the border just washes out. Maybe a darker border would be better. I do like the quilt except for that. What a nice wedding keepsake.
Nancy - posting under my sisters' account. I've been doing some work on her template for her and forgot to switch accounts before I started checking other blogs. :-)

quiltpixie said...

I love the "extra" triangles you put into the wedding quilt. Great addition.

Lisa D. said...

Your zipper quilt turned out great! It will be adorable with the cat quilting pattern - can't wait to see it after quilting.

Samantha said...

Hooray for the finished zippers- they look great!

Mary said...

Love the star quilt but I agree the border doesn't look great. Are you considering changing it?

I don't typically make changes once they're sewn - I count it as a lesson learned but since this is a special quilt - I would probably consider changing it if I wasn't happy.

Shelina said...

Amy, I like the background fabric of the star quilt. If I used a plain border, which would work perfectly for this quilt, I would either use that fabric for the border, or maybe something brighter - more fitting with the rest of the fabrics.
If you want to piece one, put in some more star points - either with a background fabric border in between to look like they are floating, or alternating with the ones that are already there. Not sure what direction I would turn them though.
Or you could make a plain border and applique some moons to go with the stars. And a cow.

Hedgehog said...

Just went back to find your zipper - love the greens - and the cats! I'm missing my cat these days.