Monday, July 24, 2006

Quick note from a bad blogger

I guess this is what happens when you are away for 4 weeks out of 5!

Bloglines are a big help with thrying to "keep-up" but when given about 10 minute intervals - including checking e-mail & other non-blogs you only get to check the top few blogs on bloglines... (& How I ended up with as many blogs as I have listed is beyond comprehension! triple digits...)

Like everyone else, we have been HOT HOT HOT! Washington DC was built on a swamp, so it is HUMID too. Not that I believe in "But its a dry heat." After living in Phoenix, sweating while flipping through a magazine - hot is hot! The "dryness" only became apparent as I deplaned in Baltimore...

Last Saturday, Michael & I looked at a couple old (Circa 1900) town homes in Baltimore to purchase. Short story - we'll be renting for a while longer to save up a bit more... I kid you not when I tell you that one of the homes was about 10 feet wide! The other one was wider but it was also more expensive and needed "some" work.

Yesterday, I was "supposed" to go into the office to get a jump start on all of the work that was waiting for me... (Being away from the office for work training does not give you a reprieve from your daily duties - some "some" things were a couple weeks old by the time I looked at them! Not that I am grumbling or anything...) I was also supposed to start on my homework...

I did neither, instead I sewed and sewed and sewed! I started out by attaching the "Piano key" borders on my July Project Spectrum Purple quilt. My hubby - ahem quilt holder held it up so that I could photograph it. He then went out to run a few errands. (I was supposed to leave shortly... after piecing the purple back.) I then looked for the block that I want to use in an Ostrich round robin... I couldn't find it, but I did notice a couple of other project that just needed a little bit of work... So I auditioned the "inner border" on my Project Spectrum green quilt... I decided that while the hot pink "worked" it was a bit superfluous to the green quilt, so I opted to leave it off. Which basically means that I could have been "done" with it for a while... (The pink was in my off-site storage - the time lag...) I also pieced the back for this quilt. - The print that I used as the border had a companion in the shop that was a flannel go with - so I got it. I then decided to add then border to my wedding signatures quilt. I am "less than happy" with my border selection, but "done is better than perfect!" When I bought the fabric, I am not 100% sure what I had in mind, because the solid that I thought I was goingt o use for narrow inner border and binding was to small for both... I opted for just the wide border instead. It is o.k. - I doubt the inner border would have helped much... But it is done (including the back) and ready for my october appointment with Judy. Now to add a border to my black bricks quilt & figure out the backing for it...

One final note, I am all caught up on my blogs! Blogger was not acting nice today, so I was not able to comment as much I as I would have liked - but you have been in my mind & I am proud of all of your achievements - quilty or otherwise.

I have 3 MEME's to spring on you in the near future and a couple days worth of Melbourne to finish out my Honeymoon travel blog portion of this quilty cat blog.

Oh yeah - the photos are in my camera at home... I'll share them tomorrow. Including a cute cat picture. >^..^<

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Kay said...

Amy, it was nice to see you back on the comments page. And thanks for the praise. Blogger is a pain today (California power shortages?) but I will be back later to check your links.