Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Queen Victoria Building

I guess this is some type of time capsule - I thought it was neat to see Queen Elizabeth's signature...

This is a display of Queen Victoria as a young woman complete with replicas of the Royal Crowns. (There was another display of a Jade wedding coach, but that photo did not turn out well.)

In the QVB, there are two clocks, both are impressive. At timed intervals, you get to see a scene, which is why the lever is up on this photo. (Also if you put a dollar in the dog statue - to support seeing eye dogs) you can get another glimpse.
This is the other clock. As an aside, 90% of the shops in the QVB are very upscale. However, my husband got me a pair of earrings in one of the jewelery shops & I was finally able to get a sports (sweat suit material) jacket (Jumper in Australian English) in yellow with green here. I saw a lot of these jackets, but most of them were navy, white & pink...
In the QVB you will see a lot of stained glass, tiled floors, (architectural details) like this.

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