Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More from Sherbrooke Forest

A wild cockatoo - In the states, I have only seen these guys as pets, it never occurred to me that they were wild anywhere & if i had to guess, I would have guessed South America not Australia as the location of where they would be found wild. Also after visiting two wild animal parks, I now know that theys guys come in a variety of colors, not just white with a yellow tuft on top. (You can see one with a black tail in the background - OOPS! That tail belongs to the Crimson Rosella behind it... - , that is a duck next to the one that Michael is feeding - & there is a gray bird of some sort in the background too - not sure that variety - maybe a galah.)

Proof that Michael fed the birds too... This is just before the bird missed the seeds and got his hand. Michael was too skiddish for any to land on him... :o)
Here I was trying to get the sign (with the birds) and my Husband... I only got the one bird and it is an odd angle... oh well, the birds are wild after all... {The sign shows a lyre bird, we did not get to see any of them. They were at Healesville, but our time there was limited & I wanted to see the Albino Kookaburra that I shared a few weeks ago. Yet another reason to return...}

There was a nice trail near this park, but we did not have time ot hike it... Posted by Picasa

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Gina E. said...

The pink and grey cockatoo is called a Galah - which is also a word used to describe a dill (nerd to Americans!).
LOL LOL! The white cocky in that photo doesn't have a black tail - that tail belongs to the crimson rosella standing just behind the cocky! I couldn't figure out what you meant at first, until I got a closeup of the photo, then realised!