Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More from The Rocks

O.K. I may never learn how to post so that if you start readin it goes in "order." Which basically means if you read the post after this one you would know that in The Rocks area of Sydney there are a lot of narrow alleys. This is one of them. (This one may even be Nurse's Alley.)

In this photo, you can see one of the "Art on The Rocks" musical parts in the background. You can not see that there are about 3 painters close to where we are seated. Photo tip: if you see someone with a real nice camera - ask him/her to take your photo...

The previous and the following photos are all part of a permanent "art installation" on the rocks. I found the whole tableau fascinating!

In this photo you can see the "old" walls with the new added on top, to help with the total look.

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Esteemarlu said...

Hi Calico Cat. I know where Pearland is,I live in League City. Small world.Great pictures.