Wednesday, July 26, 2006

London Bridges

Not unlike one of the Apostles that I mentioned earlier (that you will read about later if you are starting here...) one of the bridges fell down in June of 1990. Once upon a time ago, you could walk out to the edge... Two people got stranded out there when the middle span gave way....

Here you can see where the missing span was originally located. Posted by Picasa


Gina E. said...

One of our newspapers had the funniest cartoon the day after that rock collapsed. He drew the two people that were stuck out there, and the guy is saying to his girl "Did the earth move for you too?" I think everyone in Melbourne was laughing over it for days!

Jeanne said...

Aha -- happy Wednesday!!! Sooooo many wonderful photos today!

I LOVE the sand grafitti. Looks like it was cold there. The pic of you feeding the birds is delightful.

The kitties are such good helpers!! I know just what you mean about that purple/green fabric -- my whole quilt turned green.


Hanne said...

Many lovely photos from Australia and many lovely Amy photos :-)