Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here is the helper kitty, Rhapsody that I mentioned yesterday... You can see that also in the bag are trimmings from my purple project.

RB took over this position as soon as she left & was content to stay in the bag agina last night well after I was done cutting. YES if you missed that in passing, I finished cutting for my July Project Spectrum Purple Quilt last night!

Here is the block! It finished 8 inches square. That is the lightest purple in my stash. And if not the darkest, that is right up there near the darkest of my purples. Even though this block shows a high contrast, many will not.

So how many purples did I cut? Care to guess? Come on... Higher... Higher... (unless you started at about 75!) I actually think the real number is closer to 73... I cut each one twice so that it could be the light or the dark as shown in my sample block. So I will probably end up with a 12 x 12 layout... Which is just as well, because I have 9 yards for the back.

Since this is a July project, & I need 144 blocks, I need to average about 5 blocks a night.

BUT... I am starting a night class TONIGHT!

At least they are easy sewing & fairly quick to assemble.

And because it is July, I'll share this purple block. (FYI all of those purples will be in the Project Spectrum quilt too.) So if I piece any of them together into 1 block, you can see how the contrast will be drastically different. But I hope not to make too many that are so close in value.

I ran across this on the internet... (Who would have ever thought to even try such a thing?)

This NPR article has the video.


Screen Door said...

Cute Cat!!! What a loyal companion!!! I'm not a purple fan... you'll have to keep me posted, I'll try to keep an open things are tough

Linda_J said...

tedious cutting but necessary if you are going to stay on track with Project Spectrum.

Rhapsody looks like such a sweetie in her (his?) hiding place

kathy said...

Your applique kitty adds a wonderful touch to a traditional block. Very nice.

Mary said...

Will you work on anything BUT the project spectrum quilt this month? I've enjoyed reading and seeing everyone's quilts but decided against playing along since my focus is supposed to be UFO's this year.

ForestJane said...

awwww, cute little face looking out of the bag!

quiltpixie said...

why is it cats love boxes and bags so dang much, and look so cute in them... Congrats on getting your cutting done.

Bonnie said...

Cats can look so dignified and so ridiculous all at the same time.

It will be fun to watch your progress on the purple quilt.

I watched the NPR video - funny! Diet Coke is my drink of choice. I wonder what happens in my stomach when I drink DC and eat Mentos. Hmmmmm.

Finn said...

Love the kitty in the bag picture. My little Mercy used to do that, every time a grocery bag came into the house. As soon as it was empty of groceries, it filled up with on gray Tabby..LOL

Love your purples..I think they will be spectacular!!! Great job getting all that cutting done. I think I would still be cutting in my sleep! *VBS*

Hanne said...

Cute cat-in-bag, cool new block and lovely cat block. Smiling from here :-)

Gail said...

Now once you finish your purple top, and perhaps you might not be in love with it....well, fear not, I know one place that would make a loving home for it! *slyly smiling and trying to look innocent*

Samantha said...

Wow, i thought I had a lot of purple in my stash, but, 73 pieces??? Well, actually, if I count, I probably have that much, maybe? The block looks great- can't wait to see the rest of it!