Saturday, July 08, 2006

Australian Fauna 7

These lazy Kangaroos remind me so much of my little boy car, RB. If he is laying on the bed & we bring over his food (instead of making him get into the kitty carrier so that Rhapsody does not eat his food) he will eat it just like this - with out even getting into a seated position! But as my "Parenthetical Aside" noted, Rhapsody would prefer his food to hers, so this does not happen often.

There are two pictures of me feeding a kangaroo - A. because I did it a lot - so much so I completely forgot aout getting my picture taked with the koala. & B. because we were so photo happy that we ran out of room on the memory card and had to start the second one. (We then started to self edit, becasue it was apparent that we did not have enough memory - which is why this is particularly odd. I could not keep the two cards separate as to what was on which...)

And here is Michael feeding a kangaroo too. (I think I was the one who was really into this!)

Michael & I had dinner with a fellow blogger, Michele and her family. She was a lovely host with a nice family. After dinner we drove to the Olympic Park, what we saw was neat. & Then we drove over the Harbor Bridge - and saw the Opera House from yet another angle.

On the Quilting front, I sewed quite a few of my long skinny strips together for my Purple quilt. (I did not feel like pressing, so I did part 1 on a lot of blocks.) And for those that I did not sew, I decided which two fabrics to use together. Nice to have those decisions made. (So far that was taking the longest. - Do I put 2 florals together? Where is the one that looks like___? Etc.) I also named the quilt after a confection that we had in Australia "Violet Crumble."

Are you ready for some bad news... I will be in training again for two weeks - so no more photos... Until about the 24th of July. I knwo the training facility, they have enough computers for me to keep up and to even post so it will not be a dry spout in my blogging. When I return, I will start to tell you about our experiences in and around Melbourne.


Bonnie said...

Great pictures of all the animals. I remember the song from camp "Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree, merry, merry king of the bush is he, laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra, gay your life must be." Do they laugh? Looks like you had fun petting the animals and seeing them up close.

martha in ny said...

I enloyed the tour of all the animale and birds-especially the Kukaburra(sp?) and the kangaroo feeding. See you when you are back from training.

Screen Door said...

Looks like you are going to have 'loads' of memories.. Sorry you have to come back to reality....
Be good

Fiona said...

Wow, looks like you really made the most of your trip - who would think that kangaroos would behave like cats and dogs?

Tazzie said...

I'm so pleased you had a great time here in Australia. I wish I knew you before so you could have visited with us! Mmmmm Violet Crumble ... they're yummy!

Nancy said...

Thank you for all the photos you've been posting from your trip.. I've always wanted to go to Australia and have so enjoyed your pictures.

Kay said...

What a terrific photographer you are! My animal photos never turn out, but these are great, particularly the birds.