Saturday, July 08, 2006

Australian Fauna 6

These two are both wombats (different varieties). I did not know what to expect of a Wombat, but this was not it... I think I thought they were smaller... These guys are like guinea pigs on steroids!
Conversely, Platypuses (Platypi) are smaller that I thought they would be. I saw two of them at Healsville, they were both about 12 inches long from the tip of the duck bill to the end of the beaver tail! But they were CUTE! I unfortunately could not get a photo. They are in a dark exhibit, in water, behind glass, and moving... (I tried!)

Another note on the platypus, I wanted to get something platypus in the gift shop (like a post card or magnet) after seeing them... Not a thing was to be found. (I lucked out and finally found a post card the next day.)

Two shots of me holding a Kookaburra.

"What are you looking at?" What are YOU looking at?" :o)

Here I am feeding an emu... At Featherdale Animal Park near Sydney, you can by an ice cream cone filled with alfalfa & pellets and then feed the emus and kangaroos.


Barb said...

Oh that wombat is the cutest!

Nicole and Phil said...

ohhh...wombat's are my favoutire Aussie animal! I always wanted one as as kid...and still would have one as a pet! :)
Your pictures from Australia are terrific, and making me feel very homesick! I will be there for 6 weeks very soon...and can't wait.
Thanks for sharing all your photos, they are terrific! If you have any of the Berlin Bears in Sydney, I would love to see them.