Friday, July 07, 2006

Australian Fauna 5

I don't recall the specific variety of owl this is, but we attended a "Birds of Prey" demonstration at Healsville Animal Sanctuary near Melbourne and he was part of the demonstartion. Unfortunately, there was a wild eagle flying around, so this owl was not cooperative... I doubt I would be either...
UPDATE: Barking Owl is the variety.

A Pelican.
A quokka - you can add that one to your list of scrabble words! We also saw a quoll, but it moved to quickly for photography!

A pair of Tamar Wallabies. Of course, one is albino while the other is not...

A Tasmanian Devil. (Not what you pictured, huh?)

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Gina E. said...

Back again with apologies to my Ken - he has his book out and is searching for your birds! The large owl in this lot of photos is a Barking Owl, so called because its voice is a repetitive barking call 'wook-wook'. We hear them at night quite often.