Friday, June 16, 2006


Neat sign at one of the skyrail stops...

The skyrail with views of the ocean int he background.
The first stop on the skyrail was a self guided rainforest walk. (I love these diversions...) This is one of the "learning" signs on the walk. This species is the tallest tree in Australia.
This is Michael at the base... He is at least 6 feet tall...

Between the last picture of Michael & this one, imagine at least two more sections that are at least 12 feet long Ad then this is the top 1/3 of the tree!

They weren't joking calling this a rainforest giant!

BTW The Barron Falls were at the second stop on the Skyrail & also had a learning walk with the scenic lookouts.

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Karen said...

Oh!! Love the view from the skyrail!