Friday, June 16, 2006

Quilty post

I have to interrupt this travel blog for a quilty post! Yes, this morning when I should have been on the road on my way into the office, I took a few fabric photos.

This is part of a 2 yard piece of shibori hand dyed fabric. From the real reef photos that I have been sharing you can see the similarity! That is why I "had" to get it!

This one is the commercial (Michael Miller from a couple years ago) fabric that has been living in my stash.

Here they are side by side - I think they go great together!

This is a selection of Australiana fabrics. Four of the ones on the bottom are of Wattles - I think I will use them as sashing between my hankies, at lease the screen printed ones. I am still pondering the embroidered ones.

I also got an Australian Postcards Quilt kit & I think the fabric that looks like post cards may be the back for that.

In my stash, I already had some Australiana fabrics, including a bunch of Oz Dye-Arts hand dyed fabrics (They are dyes over Australian images - I'll take a photo & share it later...) & some other toiles, etc. When I pulled them out of my stash, that is when my husband realized how long I have been wanting to go to Australia & that it was probably in his best interest to just "go along."

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