Friday, June 09, 2006


A few more sights from around Cooktown. The first shot is of their main sidewalk. They had a lot of mosaics (I know this is not a "mosaic" but what do you call this?) It was cohesive - from what I could tell - we were trotting a long quite quickly so as not to miss our boat... Many were memorials while others were links between the Aboriginals and the Europeans &/or Chinese. Oh yes, during the gold rush, there were quite a few Chinese in Australia.

This compass was on top of the look out. I am including it becasue if you look close ly you will see an arrow to Washington, DC - Kismet!

And finally a statue of Captain Cook himself.


Nicole and Phil said...

I am enjoying reading about your trip to Aust! You are making me feel homesick! ;)
Glad you had a terrific time!
Nicole (QDU...and an Aussie living in Berlin, Germany

Karen said...

I'm really enjoying the travel photos! Karen

Deb R said...

I'm loving all the photos! The one of the tree sign below was hilarious.

Jeanne said...

A smile for the arrow to DC!
Jeanne :)

Laurie said...

great pics from your trip!

Linda_J said...

sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Amy. Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us