Friday, June 09, 2006

Cooktown, Queensland, Australia

Go ahead find it on a map... It is that remote.

We opted for a guided tour of the town. That ended up being a good thing as the guide was a local and very entertaining. As we drove past the jail (It was facing the water and situated like a summer rental - with bars...), he stopped and quipped, "There is a motel with rooms for about $65 a night, but if you are drunk this is where you stay & the citation is only $3 - you choose... Oh and if you put up a good fight, they put you in the padded cell inside - thats air conditioned!" Only he told it a lot better... The look-out held a spectacular view.
They have a few nice museums, but we did not have time to visit them... (The tour buses - I think there are two of them - regular job is school bus & they had a flat on one, so the other was late after doing double duty - so our tour started a bit late.) This sign is on a tree near where our boat dropped us off. :o)


YankeeQuilter said...

I love the sign! Too fun.

Jeanne said...

The coast looks BEEUUTIFUL! Sounds like the tour was great fun!

Serena said...

Beautiful photos!!